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User:Sparky 99

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Hello guys, my name's Sparky 99, I'm Italian and I work for Pokémon Central Wiki. I'm the Leader of Pokémon Central Wiki's Project TCG (Progetto GCC). Actually I'm working on Base Set (Set Base) cards, but there aren't enough Italian Pokémon scans in the Web. BTW, a member of Project, Snorlite, helps me and our Project's group sending e-mails to other Italians who makes best scans. I hope that a day we can contact one people who can help us with these scanlations.

Progetto GCC

Progetto GCC, the Italian name of Project TCG, was born in 27th May 2013 with this page on Pokémon Central Forum. Like Bulbapedia, this project aims to report on every aspect of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. We are actually only 6 members, but we work very hard for the Wiki.
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