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Dream Exp. Share Sprite.png Exp. Share
Learning Equipment
Exp. Share
Introduced in Generation I
Cost Cannot be bought
Sell for PokémonDollar.png1500*
Generation I Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation II Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation III Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation IV Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation V Bag Items pocket icon.png Items (Held items)
Generation VI Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Power 30
Notes Cannot be held in Generation VI
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The Exp. Share (Japanese: がくしゅうそうち Learning Equipment), called Exp.All in the Generation I games, is a type of item introduced in Generation I. From Generation II to V, it is a held item.

In the games


Generation I

Passive effect

In Generation I, when the item was known as the Exp.All in English, if it is in the Bag, any experience earned from a battle is evenly distributed among all party members. Party members do not receive stat experience unless they participate in the battle.

Generation II to V

Held item

Total experience gained by defeating a Pokémon is split in half, with 50% evenly distributed between all Pokémon who participated in the battle and 50% evenly distributed between all Pokémon holding an Exp. Share. If a Pokémon both participates in battle and holds an Exp. Share, it gains 150% of the experience. The holding Pokémon also gains all EVs (stat experience in Generation II) that would be gained by defeating the opponent.

In Generation II, when the Pokémon holding this item receives experience, the amount of Exp. Points gained is shown twice. Furthermore, a Pokémon with the same original Trainer as the player that participates in battle and holds an Exp. Share at the same time will gain approximately 50% (due to rounding) of the experience twice, meaning that it doesn't receive 100% of the experience.

In Generation V, the Exp. Share accommodates the changes in the experience formula that incorporate the difference in levels between the defeated Pokémon and Pokémon gaining experience, which is factored in after splitting it.

Generation VI

Toggleable passive effect

In Generation VI, it is now a key item. In the overworld, the player can be turn on or off from the Bag menu in the overworld.

If it is on, the experience gained by defeating a Pokémon is given to all of the Pokémon in the party individually. Pokémon that do not participate in battle will only gain 50% of the possible experience.


Games Description
Stad Gives Exp. Points to all Pokémon in party, even those not in battle.
GS Shares battle Exp. points. (Hold)
C Shares battle Exp. Points. (Hold)
RSE A hold item that gets Exp. points from battles.
FRLG An item to be held by a Pokémon. The holder gets a share of Exp. points without having to battle.
An item to be held by a Pokémon. The holder gets a share of a battle's Exp. Points without battling.
XYORAS Turning on this special device will allow all the Pokémon on your team to receive Exp. Points from battles.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
Route 15 gate 2F (Oak's aide) None
GSC Route 30 (from Mr. Pokémon in exchange for the Red Scale) Lucky Channel (3 digits)
RSE Devon Corporation (Mr. Stone) Lilycove Department Store Pokémon Lottery Corner (3 digits)
FRLG Route 15 gate 2F (Oak's aide) Pickup
Colo. Agate Village (down hill behind Eagun's house) None
XD Phenac City (from Mayor Trest after rescuing him) None
DPPt Route 206 (Rowan's assistant) Jubilife TV Pokémon Lottery Corner (3 digits)
HGSS Route 30 (from Mr. Pokémon in exchange for the Red Scale) Goldenrod Radio Tower Pokémon Lottery Corner (3 digits)
BW Castelia City (Battle Company), Icirrus City (Pokémon Fan Club Chairman) None
B2W2 Castelia City (Battle Company), Icirrus City (Pokémon Fan Club Chairman), Floccesy Town (held Benga's gift Pokémon) None
XY Santalune City (from Alexa after defeating Viola) None
ORAS Petalburg Woods (from Devon employee after defeating Team Magma GruntOR/Team Aqua GruntAS) None

In the TCG

The following is a list of cards named Exp. Share or EXP.ALL.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
EXP.ALL T [Tool] Neo Destiny Rare 93/105 Darkness, and to Light... Rare  
EX FireRed & LeafGreen Uncommon 91/112 Flight of Legends Uncommon 081/082
Exp. Share I Next Destinies Uncommon 87/99 Psycho Drive Uncommon 050/052
Dragon Vault   18/20 Dragon Selection   020/020

In other languages

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Language Title
France Flag.png French Multi Exp
Germany Flag.png German EP-Teiler
Italy Flag.png Italian Distrib Esp.RBY
Condiv. Esp.
South Korea Flag.png Korean 학습장치 Learning Equipment
Spain Flag.png Spanish Repartir Exp

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