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User:Sheer Dusknoir

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About a human...

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Sheer Dusknoir

The name is a combination of Sheer Cold, and Dusknoir, obviously.

Please do not to post here. Go to my talk page.

About Pokémon

I have a preference for the games more than the anime.

Became interested in Pokémon with Ruby. Yellow and Gold were from a friend (kind of redundant now with the remakes, but still nice to have :) ).

Since Ruby was my first game, it kind of moulded my idea for the Pokémon games - big areas, different climates, a climactic storyline. Playing HGSS make the Kanto/Johto region seem small compared to RSE. However, the games are still great and the graphics were exceptional.

All the generation have their pros and cons. :)

Other Games

Likes and Has : Okami, LoZ: TP/PH/ST, FFXII RW

Likes and Wants : The next LoZ, Okamiden, FFXIII

I usually don't play console games though, mostly on DS as its portable and such. Mostly interested in... the Pokémon games! :D