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User:Shadow Kyurem

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Hi folks!

I´m Shadow Kyurem. Nice to meet you! By the way, I´m a girl. My favourite Pokémon are Rayquaza, Kyurem and Arceus, but my friend told me I would look like a Tentacruel (Grrrr.). And I really love Glitches. I´ve destroyed at least three games with Super Glitch ;) My favourite is ♀. I could listen to it´s cry all day ;) Actually, I really could (see it´s page). But anyways,I´m quite an expert for Glitches, but no one listens when I talk about that :( And please ignore my bad English,I´m German ;) My signatures reference to some creepy Pokémon hacks:

--GHOST will get you...-- => How to put death in a children´s game

--Turn back now?-- => Don´t click if you want to sleep well tonight ;)