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How I got into Pokémon

Well. When I was a little girl, I was in my grandma's room watching TV. I heard that the show coming up next was 'Pokémon'. I had no idea what that was. I decided to watch it...and fell in love with it ever since. Though I stopped watching the series upon reaching the Hoenn saga, I resumed watching when it hit the Diamond and Pearl series, as it seems as though the anime is reverting back to it's original Kanto/Johto roots. The first game I've played was Pokemon Silver, which I still have to this day...though it refuses to hold a save file. I then played Red, Ruby, and Diamond, in that order, with some other Pokémon games on the side (You know, those awesome N64 ones and stuff ;D). I just got into the manga last year, as I had no idea a manga for the series even existed. Yes I'm slow.


Megaman (or Rockman), Pokémon, Phoenix Wright, Zelda, Daigunder...and a bunch of other things. Mainly videogames, hurr.

Other Stuff?

I do have a DeviantART account. . If you're interested for some reason, aha. I speak English, with some French and Japanese in there. Just a little. :D I roleplay a LOT on MSN. I did a few on Forums, but I tend to avoid RPing on them, since I find them slow.



The youngest RP God I've met

Teh Gary-Stu, who at the same time is not a Gary-Stu