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Gender Male
Hometown Chicago
Region Illinois,United States
Trainer class Jacred


What I do

I am a glitch researcher that mostly investigates Gen I glitch Pokémon. I make pages, and generally improve others to the best of my ability. Glitches have always interested me in the games and I will attempt to find every one of them in them until there is none left to be found. I will also edit other things that I ever notice need help. If you have any questions about things encompassed within the GlitchDex area, I can help you, if I'm not available, please contact SnorlaxMonster.

How I got into Pokémon

It all started with the 5 year old me getting a few cards from his friend, the first being a Staryu. I later collected many cards, and soon got my first Pokémon game, Pokémon Sapphire. I really started to like everything about Pokémon after that. Since then I have amassed thousands of cards and have gotten Games from every generation (including the Generation updates*).

* Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Etc.

TCG collection status

Total hours spent on Pokémon games: 650 hours

Special Characters

Here's a list of odd character I use in my Glitchdex work:

Black: ► (Use then a letter touches it)
Black: ▶ (Use when there is a space between letter and triangle)
White: ▷
Down: ▼
Down left: ◢
Down right: ◣
Japanese characters
Katakana: ァ, ゥ, ェ,
Hiragana: ぁ, ぇ, ぉ, ど