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Hello! Welcome to my user page! I am known as Rikeo on Bulbapedia, and on the Bulbagarden Forums, I'm SpeedyGreninja. I've been browsing Bulbapedia for years, however, I recently started contributing 6 months ago.

About Me

I am half-Japanese, half-American. For most of the year, I live in a small town near San Francisco California, however, every summer, I go to live with my relatives in Yokohama, Japan for six weeks. I have been a HUGE fan of Pokémon since the summer of 2009, and I am still proud of being one.

How I became a HUGE fan

Well, like I said, it was the summer of 2009 when I first had an interest in Pokémon. One hot Thursday while I was in Japan that summer, I was reading the TV guide on the back of a Japanese Newspaper. I came across "Pokémon Diamond & Pearl series". When I turned on the tv to channel 12 (TV Tokyo used to be on that channel before they switched to channel 7) at 7PM that Thursday, I saw my first episode*, DP134. I thought it was awesome! So from then on, I've started to follow the anime in BOTH Japanese and English. And I also started to watch Pokémon Get☆TV (called Pokémon Sunday in 2009) the following Sunday. I started going to local events around me that took place around me. My first game was Pokémon Platinum, received after one year of becoming a fan. Anyway, if you would like to contact me, click here! I'm just getting started with creating my user page, so this page is currently boring, but will get better as time goes on!

Cheers! --リックEO