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User:Rai Marshall/Game Progress

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Here is where I will update my progress and team/decks. I do realize that this page is quite messy, thus why I moved my Game Progress to a seperate page so that my user page wouldn't be so cluttered. Eventually I'll clean up this page too... :/

Everything is updated after every last save.

Pokémon Yellow

Although my Pokémon Blue became very glitched up, I have found my old copy of Pokémon Yellow and I have restarted its file. Progress will be added here shortly.

Pokémon TCG GB 1

Yes, I'm a player of the Pokémon TCG video games too. Here is my progress.

  • Name: Apollo
  • Master Medals: 5. Science Medal, Fire Medal, Water Medal, Thunder Medal and Rock Medal.
  • Card Album: 194/226.


  • Well after beating the Challenge Cup for the second time and getting Level 8 Mew card, I'm

not entirely sure what to do next. Tried battling Murray, but maybe not now.

Decks I have:

  • Bulbasaur and Friends Deck
  • Zap! Theme Deck. I now have Mewtwo in the deck, but it's Level 60 Mewtwo.

Decks in the Making:

  • I've been thinking of making another new side deck, maybe a Haymaker deck or something else. I'll have to think

about it further.

Pokémon Silver

Recently I have restarted my Pokemon Silver... again, so I will be updating this from my restarted file.

  • Name: Fairah
  • Current Amount of Money: 34069
  • Current Badges: 1/7 Jhoto badges. Kanto Badges: None.
  • Pokedex: 3
  • Progress: Got past Dark Cave with the help of Bellsprout, and saved before battling the first Rocket Grunt in Slowpoke Well.
  • Notes about my Team: Hoothoot and Bellsprout will not be in my permanent

team and is only there to help get past the two gyms and Dark Cave. Whenever I reach Route 34 I will be able to catch my Drowzee for my team.

Hoothoot Bellsprout
163.png 069.png
Level 14 ♂ Level 10 ♀




Vine Whip


Pokémon Diamond

Coming soon, whenever I don't feel lazy enough to put all of my Diamond information here. :P