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Artwork from D/P
Gender Male
Hometown Somewhere
Region Norway
Generation None
Games None

My Pokémon

I´ve many favourites, but my true favourites are Lucario, Deoxys and Mewtwo. I like Lucario´s use of Aura and martial arts. I also like Pokémon with claws and schythes, examples are Scyther, Sandslash and Zangoose. My favourite types are Ghost, Psychic and Fight. My starter in Pearl Version was Chimchar.

My Pearl status

Trainer status
Spr DP Lucas.png
ID No.25381
Seen: 150
Caught: 119
Seen: 366
Caught: 296
Coal Badge.png Forest Badge.png Cobble Badge.png Fen Badge.png
Relic Badge.png Mine Badge.png Icicle Badge.png Beacon Badge.png