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Cute Legendary is a term commonly used to refer Legendary Pokémon that are "cute." They are also called the "Legendary Faires" or "Legendary Pixies." They are all currently event Pokémon.

List of Cute Legendary Pokémon

Each Generation has introduced at least 1 Cute Legendary Pokémon (Generation IV introduces 2).

Generation I Generation II Generation III Generation IV Generation V
 Psychic   Psychic   Grass   Steel   Psychic   Water   Grass   Psychic   Fire 


With the exception of Shaymin and Victini, Cute Legendary Pokémon are usually located near the end of their respective Regional Pokédex. They also have base stats of 100 for each


The elusive Mew was the first of many Cute Legendaries to be released. Mew seems to be the model for this type of Pokémon, as it was released first and has all of the aspects of a stereotypic Cute Legendary.


Celebi was dubbed the "New Mew" when it was introduced in Generation II because of their similar size and stats, as well as the status of being the last in the National Pokédex as of its generation and being unobtainable through normal gameplay.


Unlike Mew and Celebi, Jirachi is not located at the end of the National Pokédex as of Generation III.


Like Mew and Celebi, Manaphy is the last Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex (in Diamond and Pearl).

However, unlike the other Cute Legendary Pokémon, Manaphy has the ability to breed.


Shaymin is the second Cute Legendary Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IV. Unlike the others, Shaymin has the ability to change its forme.


Victini is introduced in Generation V. Unlike the others, it is located at the front of its regional pokédex, and is given a special pokédex number of "000".

Mistaken Cute Legendaries

There are also others legendary Pokémon that are mistaken as cute legendaries.

The Lake guardians, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, are often mistaken to be cute legendary Pokémon. They are shown with the other cute legendary Pokémon in The Greatest - Everyday!. However, each of their base stats are not 100.

Phione is the result of breeding Manaphy with Ditto. Like the lake guardians, its base stats are not at 100 each.

Meloetta is similar to Shaymin in many ways. They are both the second last Pokémon in the National Pokédex as of their generation. They are both able to change their forme. However, each of Meloetta's base stats are also not 100.

In the games

As of Generation V, they are all currently event-only Pokémon.

In the anime

Each cute legendaries had made an appearance in a movie.


  • Generation IV is the only generation to introduce more than one cute legendary Pokémon and the only generation who's cute legendaries are not part Psychic-type.

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