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Welcome to my userpage! Spr HGSS Blue.png

Hello dear furry aliens and monsters who are now reading my page. :D Sure sure, it's all fun, sorry. o/ Well, my name is Paulo. I am a young boy of 15 Years - Brazilian, and a dear fan of Pokémon. At the beginning as well as every good child without a computer, I did not understand anything about the series, so the imagination was bigger than the animals themselves, it made me like more and more. Every time I discovered one thing, what joy. *O* Today I try to follow all the information, and in the end, the little anime is the favorite child of a couple of 15 years. More details below. :]

Favorite Characters


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  • Gary: Gary Oak, from the beginning, his Blastoise and your Pokemon are great, and your way of being, proud, intelligent and smart, it fascinates me.
  • Satchel: My Favorite. ♥
  • Rafe: Yes, he is my type, serious, calm, adore Rafe. :D
  • Sid: Even comparing myself to Rafe, I also see much of me Sid, Sid, you ahasa. *-*'
  • Drew: The best Top Coordinator, Drew, you ahasa ². o/
  • Noland: A master, Noland is my favorite member of the border.
  • Lucas: Most impressive, is currently competing in tournaments populous, and its Magmortar is incredibly cool.
  • Delaney: A great character, he is intelligent, powerful, nice and strong, just a little premature, but even so, Delaney is one of my favorites.
  • Sho: The typical teenager, Sho is too much.
  • Barry: While it is hasty and inconsiderate, I like Barry.
  • Brendan: Like Lucas, Brandan participates in many tournaments, and your Pokemon are pretty cool.
  • Wally: Friend Brandan, intelligent, strong. Without much description, Wally is legal. o/
  • Conway: Sinister, intelligent and funny. kk
  • Jimmy (Johto): A smarter version of Ash, Jimmy is heroic, cool and beautiful, a great character.
  • Harrison (Johto): A coach mature, intelligent, confident, kind and gentle. Harrison is perfect. <3

Favorite Pokémons

I love water Pokemon and psychic, but I like all the others. The down my favorites. ♥

131.png 196.png Spr 4d 148.png Spr 4d 143.png

Spr 4d 065 m.png 407.png Spr 4d 350 m.png 126.png


Like any coach, I Fassino the Eevee evolutions, see only a small ranking showing my favorites, but remember that like any other like it, I do not think any bad.

Ani196MS.png Ani471MS.png Ani134MS.png Ani470MS.png Ani136MS.png Ani135MS.png Ani197MS.png