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First Battle

  • Before Battle: Whoa cool, check out your --STARTER--! Ok, now check out my Chikorita!
  • First Attack: I may be in over my head!
  • 10 or less HP Left: One last trick up my sleeve!
  • After Losing: Aw man!
  • After Winning: I knew I could do it!
  • After Battle (if lost): I guess I should train some more. Ooh! I'll go catch a Pokémon! Seeya!
  • After Battle (if won): Yes! I knew it! Ooh, but it'd be more fun if I had another Pokémon... Seeya!

Second Battle

  • Before Battle: Hey! Hey! It's you again! Check out my new Pokémon!
  • First Attack: This is so much fun!
  • Last Pokémon: Uh oh...
  • After Losing: Awwww you won...
  • After Battle: So I guess I need more Pokémon... I'm gonna head over to Violet City to beat the first gym. Seeya there!

Third Battle

  • Before Battle: Heyyyy --PLAYER'S NAME--!!! I just got my Zephyr Badge! Let's battle!
  • First Attack: Can't you tell I'm getting stronger???
  • Last Pokémon: Of course, it always ends this way.
  • After Losing: I still have a gym badge.
  • After Battle: I beat Falkner, and you beat me. That means you can totally beat Falkner! Seeya!

Fourth Battle

  • Before Battle: That elder guy just beat me... Can I battle you to train?
    • If Yes: Great! Let's do this!
    • If No: What?! Oh, come on! Please? Can I battle you to train?
      • If answer is no, continues saying the same thing until the answer is yes.
  • First Attack: My Chikorita evolved, that means I'm stronger!
  • Last Pokémon: No!!! I have to win!!!
  • After Losing: Not again...
  • After Battle: Thanks for the great battle. I'm off to Azalea Town! Seeya!

Fifth Battle

  • Before Battle: I traded my Bellsprout for an Onix... I'm gonna test him out on you before my gym battle!
  • First Attack: Yes! Yes! Go!
  • Last Pokémon: Come on! You can do it!
  • After Losing: Wow, you're really strong.
  • After Battle: I guess the reason I keep losing is, even though I'm getting stronger, so are you... So I'm gonna train ten times harder!

Sixth Battle

  • Before Battle: Hi --PLAYER'S NAME--! Ready for the Pokémon League? ...Y'know, we haven't battled in awhile. Let's test our skills!
  • First Attack: You're getting better! But so am I!
  • Last Pokémon: It's not over till the fat lady sings!
  • After Losing: Aw...
  • After Battle: I can't wait to battle the champion! Let's go!