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User:Nintendo Mad

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Nintendo Mad
Jack Satoshi
Platinum Lucas.png
Gender Male
Hometown Greater London
Region United Kingdom
Trainer class Trainer

Hi there, I'm Nintendo Mad, but my real name is Jack, I come from a town in Greater London, England. I was born on December 6 1997. My first Pokémon game was Diamond, given to me as a gift, I then went on and corrupted this game by accident shortly after I'd got a Shaymin. I have since restarted Diamond, but I have given up, due to the fact I much prefer Platinum and the newer games. I then bought Pokémon Platinum on release, which is still with me to do this day. After that, I bought HeartGold on release and played it, it is one of my favourites. A few months later, I bought Emerald so that I could complete the Pokédex a little easier. Finally, I bought Black on release date. I own a DS Lite (For Emerald and Pal Parking), a Nintendo DSi, and a Nintendo 3DS.

I use Chrome (which sadly doesn't support AniPNG D':) and Ubuntu, and only use Windows if forced.

I'll write more when I can think of it :D

(Side note: I don't know why under the infobox it says "Satoshi" or how to change it, so just ignore that, if anyone knows how to change it, can you either tell me how in the Talk page, or just do it yourself please :D)

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