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A Little Bit About Who I Am

My Life With Pokémon

As many other Pokémon fans, I, too started getting into the Pokémon franchise when it began, obtain Pokémon Yellow, in fact a few weeks after it was available for purchase at participating locations. I enjoyed the game and the television show greatly, though, if I do say so myself, I would rather play the video games. Sadly, though, I have not been able to play all the Pokémon games due to our family's poor income rate or lack of funds, thereof, but, it is with great intention that I shall soon be able purchase and play those games I missed, due to the collected efforts of my passing of age 18 and soon, after graduating from Rossview High School this year, the availability of a full time job.

About Myself

I am an avid lover of both anime and manga, but spend most of my time either sleeping, eating, sleeping, watching adult films, and sleeping. Did I forget to mention sleeping? I have no true interest in politics, but an avid supporter of Obama, and know for a fact that he is not Muslim, but indeed of Christian religion. I am not also interested much in religion either, though I do believe in God and Jesus, I also believe that they are nothing more but aliens, along with Buddah and another God associated with any other religion. I am, as I stated above earlier, 18, and for being someone who eats more than maybe 65% of the obesed population, I am glad to announce that I am of average weight, being 143lbs, and of being average height, wich is somewhere between 5'10-5'11, maybe even being 6' by now. I have seemed to put on some fast pounds throughout the years, being about 60-65lbs at the age of 15, 90-95lbs at the age of 16, and 110-125lbs at the age of 17. My favorite drink is Pepsi, and my favorite kind of food is a contest, itself, between cheese and pissa. My favorite colors are blue, black, and dark purple, and I also speek with a ghetto accent, though I usually talk and type white, which has not prohibited me in gaining a ghetto pass through the knowledge that I have obtained in "what it do." I am 1/3 Scott-Irish, 1/3 German, and 1/3 Hispanic. I am caucasian, with blue eyes and short, dark brown hair, which used to be blonde, but since I have kept myself cooped up inside most of the time has caused it to fade into the color it is now. Well I guess that is it out of me, for the most part, if anything else then you may contact, or even add me, at either or

Pokémon Games

I have currently played: