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Hello! I'm Sanni,a female level 57 Blaziken.I'm a Pokémon collector,I am currently trying to fill my pokédex in Diamond.My favorite pokémon is Rotom.I also have a whole lot of other favorites. Ani257MS.gif Ani479MS.gif

Because I'm a collector,I really suck at teaching my Pokémon useful moves.(for example,my Dragonite has Aerial Ace.)And for some reason,I really love those Pokémon others see as ugly,such as bug-Pokémon.And I REALLY love Dunsparce.So don't say that it sucks,or I Blaze Kick you all the way to the moon. :P The games I currently have are: Pokémon Red,Yellow,Crystal,Ruby,Diamond,Pearl and Mystery Dungeon Red.(And Platinum as soon as it comes to Finland.)

And one more thing,don't mess with me or I send my army of flying Kangaskhans to turn all your Pokémon to Magikarps,and my Missingnos will then totally glitch your games. >:P Have a nice day.

Sanni 15:47, 2 March 2009 (UTC)