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Hello everyone! I love Pokemon and especially Pokemon Shippings! I live in Canada and my favourite pokemon, in order are: Eevee Umbreon Meowth Delcatty Pikachu

My favourite Pokemon Girls are (In order):

  • Dawn (She's really pretty and really sweet)
  • Sakura (She had an Eevee and she is cute)
  • Jessie (She has a bit of a temper, but I really like her)
  • Bianca (SHE KISSED ASH! And She's just really awesome)
  • Anabel (Real Sweet)
  • Melody (SHE KISSED ASH!!!)
  • May (She has an Eevee, but she evolved into Glaceon. I hate Glaceon)
  • Zoey (She is really smart)

Favourite PokemonShippings (NOT in order)

  • Advanceshipping
  • Ikarishipping
  • Againstshipping
  • KissShipping
  • AltoShipping
  • Egoshipping

LEAST favourite shippings:

  • Contestshipping
  • All gay shippings
  • Orangeshipping
  • HandyManShipping

Favourite Pokemon Guys:

  • Ash (He's hawt and awesome)
  • Paul (He's hawt too and he has a short attention span)
  • Max (Aww he's so kawaii!)
  • Gary (Smart, handsome, and brave. What more could you want?)
  • Brock (He can cook, clean and falls for every/any girl he sees)
  • Kenny (He's really funny and cute)

Peoplez I hate

  • Tracey (I hate Tracey. He`s so fat and ugly. He doesn't deserve a girl)

List of my Pokémon:

My Links

Hey guys! View me on YouTube - Tikal1606 Umm I will add otherz soon.