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370Luvdisc.png This article is a spoof. I do not intend to have it mainspaced (or shipping-spaced, I suppose), I just thought it would be fun to create this mock-article in the style of a typical shipping article. It's all in good fun.
I hope this doesn't break the "no spoofing the interface" rule, it's just a pink-and-white box with a Luvdisc.

Three-year-old Kenny and Leona

TeaseShipping (Japanese: ケンユモ KenYumo) is the belief that Kenneth "Kenny" and Leona are romantically involved. The name comes from the fact that following a rather nasty accident which I often compare to the South Park episode With Apologies to Jesse Jackson, they would always tease Dawn by calling her Dee Dee (Japanese: ピカリ Pikari). They have only met in the past as shown in a flashback, but they have met.


Kenny's hints

  • DP161
    • Kenny came up with a nickname for Dawn, building off Leona's words about her hair being all glittery.

Leona's hints

  • DP161
    • Leona thought that the nickname Kenny had made up for Dawn was good, and agreed to call her it as well as Kenny.

Notable TeaseShippers

  • Me!