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User:Memo326/Pokémon Seek

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Pokémon Seek is a mini-game played in the Pokémon Dream World, and allows the player to befriend a Pokémon if it is completed.


<Pokémon> seems to be searching for a hidden Pokémon.

Players must find a certain Pokémon within the time limit of one minute and thirty seconds by navigating through a map similar to one found on the Island of Dreams, being either the Pleasant Forest, Windswept Sky, or Sparkling Sea. The area the player is currently on does not affect the area chosen for Pokémon Seek.

As they navigate the areas, the player may see a bush, cloud, rock, or many other objects rustling, or may click the objects themselves. Up to two different places per area of the map are clickable. If a hiding place rustles, clicking on it will reveal a Pokémon hiding there. Upon entering an area, rustling can happen either immediately or after a second passes if a Pokémon is present. When encountering the wrong Pokémon, the timer temporarily pauses as to not penalize the player.

Players may click "Listen carefully" to hear if the Pokémon sought after is within a three block radius from the player; the timer does not pause when players choose to use it. Players may also find a berry lost by the Pokémon (one of Sitrus, Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav, or Iapapa) by clicking on some sparkles, which are always found in the center of the screen, just above the navigation arrows. The Pokémon to be found is always within two screens of the item. The game automatically ends when the Pokémon is found.


The player just needs to finish the game in the allotted time to befriend the Pokémon.

There are two main components to the score: remaining time and whether or not the player found the Pokémon's missing item. The part of the score depending on remaining time is calculated with the following formula:


where t is the remaining time in seconds. Then, 5000 points are added if the missing berry was retrieved, or no points if it wasn't.


Pokémon to befriend

These are the Pokémon that can be befriended by playing Pokémon Seek. Gender is only specified if only one of a particular species participates in this mini-game.

Pleasant Forest

Spr 5b 060.png
Spr 5b 077.png
Spr 5b 108.png
Spr 5b 115.png
Spr 5b 179.png
Spr 5b 183.png
Spr 5b 187.png
Spr 5b 191.png
Spr 5b 263.png
Spr 5b 309.png
Spr 5b 431.png

Windswept Sky

Spr 5b 012 m.png
Spr 5b 016.png
Spr 5b 021.png
Spr 5b 165 f.png
Spr 5b 198 m.png
Spr 5b 225.png

Sparkling Sea

Spr 5b 079.png
Spr 5b 098.png
Spr 5b 119 m.png
Spr 5b 120.png
Spr 5b 211.png
Spr 5b 320.png
Spr 5b 418 m.png
Spr 5b 318.png
Spr 5b 349.png