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ships with a ★ next to them means that i named the shipping. so far i only have straight pairings on this list.

Crossover Shipping names list

ash crossovers

Archetypeshipping Ash Ketchum & Lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter
AuraStarShipping Ash Ketchum & Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter
BatShipping Ash Ketchum & Barbara aka Batgirl
Blackhairshipping★ Ash Ketchum & Melody(from TLM2)
Blindshipping Ash Ketchum & Hinata Hyuuga
Bonborishipping Ash Ketchum & Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)
CardCaptorshipping(also known as Magicalshipping) Ash Ketchum & Sakura Kinomoto
Corporashipping Ash Ketchum & Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Courageshipping Ash Ketchum & fuko(clannad)
Creationshipping Ash Ketchum & Android 18
DarkFighterShipping Ash Ketchum & Tifa
DarkFlowerShipping Ash Ketchum & Aerith
DarkLightShipping Ash Ketchum & Lightning
Dreamshipping ★ Ash Ketchum & Wendy Darling
Dreamershipping Ash Ketchum & Haruhi Suzumiya
Domesticshipping Ash & Kasumi Tendo
F1shipping Ash Ketchum & Amara Tenoh/Sailor Uranus
FairytailShipping Ash Ketchum & Aurora AKA Briar Rose
FateIntertwineShipping Ash Ketchum & Aqua
Fathergoneshipping Ash Ketchum & Eva Wade
Financeshipping Ash Ketchum & Nabiki Tendo
FoxyFrenzyShipping Ash Ketchum & Fang
GeniusShipping Ash Ketchum & Sakura Haruno
GlassSlipperShipping Ash Ketchum & cinderella
Hikarishipping Ash Ketchum & Kari Kamiya
Imaginationshipping★ Ash Ketchum & jane darling
Inkshipping Ash Ketchum & Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
Infiniteshipping Ash Ketchum & Trista Meoh/Sailor pluto
InnocentHeartShipping Ash Ketchum & Vanille
Jungleshipping Ash Ketchum & Jane Porter
Laceshipping Ash Ketchum & Freya (Chobits)
MagicMastershipping Ash Ketchum & Althena
Malletshipping Ash Ketchum & Akane Tendo
Mermaidmagnetshipping Ash Ketchum & Ariel
NinjaStarShipping Ash Ketchum & Yuffie
PinkAurashipping Ash Ketchum & Amu (Shugo Chara!)
PioneerShipping Ash Ketchum & Honey Kisaragi
PossibleShipping Ash Ketchum & kim possible
RisingHopeShipping Ash Ketchum & Sherry LeBianc (Yugioh 5D's)
RockStarShipping Ash Ketchum & Ami Onuki
Satoshipping Ash Ketchum & Satoko Hojo
Satohimeshipping Ash Ketchum & Himeji (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)
Satomikushipping Ash Ketchum & mikuru
Satorimashipping Ash Ketchum & Rima(shugo chara)
Satosayashipping Ash Ketchum & sayaka miki
Savaiourshipping Ash Ketchum & Jill Valentine
Seiryuushipping Ash Ketchum & Yui Hongo
StarDustShipping Ash Ketchum & Yaten Kou/Sailor Star Healer
Stratashipping Ash Ketchum & Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury
SuperFlyShipping Ash Ketchum & Kara aka Supergirl
Taberushipping Ash Ketchum & Miaka Yuuki
Taipingshipping Ash Ketchum & Michelle Kaioh/Sailor Neptune
Tendershipping Ash Ketchum & Mitsuki Kouyama
Toffeeshipping Ash Ketchum & Anko Mitarashi
Transverseshipping Ash Ketchum & Ino Yamanaka
Umbershipping Ash Ketchum & Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn
VideoGameshipping Ash Ketchum & Mina Aino/Sailor Venus
Watershipping Ash Ketchum & katara
Wireshipping Ash Ketchum & Chi (Chobits)
WonderShipping Ash Ketchum & Princess Diana of Themyscria/Wonder Woman

barry crossovers

Blondeshipping★ Barry & Sassy(from johnny test)
EnergeticADHDshipping★ Barry & Sakura
obnoxiousshipping Barry & haruhi suzumiya
orangeyshipping★ Barry & Rima(shugo chara)

Brock crossovers

BeauShipping★ Brock & Belle
CrazyShipping★ Brock & Lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter
gettingluckyShipping★ Brock & Megara
hearteyedshipping★ Brock & clover(from totally spies)
MimiCakeShipping Brock & Miss Sakaki (Azumanga)
PrettyLadyshipping★ Brock & Jasmine(Aladdin)

dawn crossovers

AnimalLoverShipping★ Dawn & Carl (From Jimmy Neutron)
AkatsukiShipping Dawn & Uhiha Sasuke
Badgoodshipping Dawn & corset(from panty and stocking)
Bluehairshipping Dawn & kai(from BeyBlade)
BubbleBathshipping Dawn & Max(from BeyBlade)
girlyShipping Dawn & tadase(shugo chara)
Kukarishipping Dawn & Kukai(shugo chara!)
nagihikashipping Dawn & Nagihiko(shugo chara!)
NikonShipping Dawn & Japan (Hetalia)
pokedigiShipping★ Dawn & tai(digimon)
riavlamutoShipping Dawn & ikuto(shugo chara)
sapphireShipping Dawn & johan(yugi-oh)
shikahikaShipping Dawn & shikamaru

Drew crossovers

GreenPinkShipping Drew & Mariah(beyblade)
GreenPinkShipping Drew & Mariah(beyblade)
JerkShipping★ Drew & Kai(Ben 10)
mishuShipping Drew & mimi(digimon)
PinkRoseShipping Drew & Louise(Zero no Tsukaima)
ShuamuShipping Drew & amu hinamori
ShuHaruShipping Drew & Haruhi suzumiya
ShutaShipping★ Drew & utau (shugo chara)
unusualShipping Drew & Misaki

Iris crossovers

AdventureShipping★ Iris & Zak saturday
ImpluseShipping★ Iris & Johnny Test
OuranpokeShipping Iris & kyouya(from ouran host club)
purplehairShipping Iris & ikuto(shugo chara)

may crossovers

Bikolorshipping May & Kai(from Beyblade)
Brunshipping★ May & younger ben 10
Brunnettshipping May & Kukai
CoolShipping★ May & Nick(from Jimmy Neutron)
CuteShipping May & Shaoran Li
dreamscapeShipping May & sora(KH)
HaruchiShipping★ May & Koichi
JomayShipping May & Joey Wheeler
RamenShipping May & Uzumaki Naruto
RandomShipping May & noah(TDI)
Rubyshipping May & Judai
shunharushipping May & shun(bakugan)
TravelShipping May & Zak Saturday

misty crossovers

AkamiShipping Misty & Gaara
AquaVenusShipping Misty & Isaac (Golden Sun)
BakumiShipping★ Misty & Bakura
CeruleanTitanicShipping Misty & Captain Murasa(Touhou)
FavoredShipping Misty & ikuto (shugo chara)
kasonShipping Misty & kyon(from haruhi suzumiya series)
PrimarycolorShipping Misty & tyson(beyblade)
taimiShipping Misty & tai(digimon)
TemperShipping Misty & Jimmy Neutron
UnpredictableShipping★ Misty & oz (pandora hearts)

Paul crossovers

bluepurpleShipping Paul & mariah(bey blade)
DarkAngelShipping Paul & Utau Hoshina(Shugo Chara!)
DistressShipping Paul & Yuki(vampire knight)
ObsessedShipping Paul & Sakura Haruno
RebelShipping Paul & Amu hinamori
ShindokaShipping Paul & Nodoka Miyazaki (Negima)

Ursula crossovers

InsultShipping Ursula & Duncan(TDI)
JerkShipping Ursula & JT(ben 10)
JohuraShipping Ursula & johan(yugi-oh)
MidnightSkullShipping Ursula & Ikuto
rivalspiritShipping Ursula & judai(yugi-oh)

Other crossovers

AuraShipping★ Gary Oak & Amu(Shugo chara!)
blackblueShipping Marina & Sebastian(from Kuroshitsuji)
BraveShipping★ Jimmy & Sissy(from johnny test)
DragonShipping Riley & Ino(Naruto)
kenmiShipping★ kenny & mimi(digimon)
kissntellShipping★ meowzie & oliver(from oliver and company)
LevelupperShipping Gary Oak & Mikoto Misaka (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
MikuShipping Wallace & Mikuru (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
MikuMikuShipping Wallace & Miku Hatsune
narcissiticShipping★ Trip & kai(from ben 10)
ObvilviousShipping Zoey & Takumi Fujiwara
pinkhatshipping lyra & timmy turner
ProtectionShipping Jimmy & Chihiro (Spirited Away)
RandomShipping★ Jimmy & Younger Gwen(ben 10)
rivalblackhairShipping★ Gary Oak & Melody(from TLM2)
tripperShipping★ Trip & Sassy(from Johnny test)