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User:Eridanus/List of tutorable moves

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This is list of all moves that can be taught by TM, HM or Move Tutor. This list includes main series as well as XD.

# Move Generation
TM/HM Tutor TM/HM Tutor TM/HM Tutor Tutor Tutor TM/HM Tutor Tutor Tutor TM/HM Tutor Tutor TM/HM Tutor Tutor
5 Mega Punch TM01
13 Razor Wind TM02
14 Swords Dance TM03 TM75 TM75 TM75
18 Whirlwind TM04
25 Mega Kick TM05
92 Toxic TM06 TM06 TM06 TM06 TM06 TM06
32 Horn Drill TM07
34 Body Slam TM08
36 Take Down TM09
38 Double-Edge TM10
61 Bubble Beam TM11
55 Water Gun TM12
58 Ice Beam TM13 TM13 TM13 TM13 TM13
59 Blizzard TM14 TM14 TM14 TM14 TM14 TM14
63 Hyper Beam TM15 TM15 TM15 TM15 TM15 TM15
6 Pay Day TM16
66 Submission TM17
68 Counter TM18
69 Seismic Toss TM19
99 Rage TM20
72 Mega Drain TM21
76 Solar Beam TM22 TM22 TM22 TM22 TM22 TM22
82 Dragon Rage TM23
85 Thunderbolt TM24 TM24 TM24 TM24 TM24
87 Thunder TM25 TM25 TM25 TM25 TM25 TM25
89 Earthquake TM26 TM26 TM26 TM26 TM26 TM26
90 Fissure TM27
91 Dig TM28 TM28 TM28 TM28 TM28 TM28
94 Psychic TM29 TM29 TM29 TM29 TM29 TM29
100 Teleport TM30
102 Mimic TM31
104 Double Team TM32 TM32 TM32 TM32 TM32 TM32
115 Reflect TM33 TM33 TM33 TM33 TM33
117 Bide TM34
118 Metronome TM35
120 Self-Destruct TM36
121 Egg Bomb TM37
126 Fire Blast TM38 TM38 TM38 TM38 TM38 TM38
129 Swift TM39 TM39
130 Skull Bash TM40
135 Soft-Boiled TM41
138 Dream Eater TM42 TM42 TM85 TM85 TM85
143 Sky Attack TM95
156 Rest TM44 TM44 TM44 TM44 TM44 TM44
86 Thunder Wave TM45 TM73 TM73 TM73
149 Psywave TM46
153 Explosion TM47 TM64 TM64 TM64
157 Rock Slide TM48 TM80 TM80 TM80
161 Tri Attack TM49
164 Substitute TM50 TM90 TM90 TM90
15 Cut HM01 HM01 HM01 HM01 HM01 HM01
19 Fly HM02 HM02 HM02 HM02 HM02 HM02
57 Surf HM03 * HM03 HM03 HM03 HM03 HM03
70 Strength HM04 HM04 HM04 HM04 HM04 HM04
148 Flash HM05 HM05 HM05 TM70 TM70 TM70
223 Dynamic Punch TM01
29 Headbutt TM02
174 Curse TM03
205 Rollout TM04
46 Roar TM05 TM05 TM05 TM05 TM05
174 Zap Cannon TM07 *
249 Rock Smash TM08 HM06 HM06 TM94 TM94 HM06
244 Psych Up TM09 TM77 TM77 TM77
237 Hidden Power TM10 TM10 TM10 TM10 TM10
241 Sunny Day TM11 TM11 TM11 TM11 TM11
230 Sweet Scent TM12
173 Snore TM13
196 Icy Wind TM16
182 Protect TM17 TM17 TM17 TM17 TM17
240 Rain Dance TM18 TM18 TM18 TM18 TM18
202 Giga Drain TM19 TM19 TM19
203 Endure TM20 TM58
218 Frustration TM21 TM21 TM21 TM21 TM21
231 Iron Tail TM23 TM23 TM23
225 Dragon Breath TM24
216 Return TM27 TM27 TM27 TM27 TM27
247 Shadow Ball TM30 TM30 TM30 TM30 TM30
189 Mud-Slap TM31
8 Ice Punch TM33
207 Swagger TM34 TM87 TM87 TM87
214 Sleep Talk TM35 TM82 TM88
188 Sludge Bomb TM36 TM36 TM36 TM36 TM36
201 Sandstorm TM37 TM37 TM37 TM37 TM37
111 Defense Curl TM40
9 Thunder Punch TM41
197 Detect TM43
213 Attract TM45 TM45 TM45 TM45 TM45
168 Thief TM46 TM46 TM46 TM46 TM46
211 Steel Wing TM47 TM47 TM47 TM51
7 Fire Punch TM48
210 Fury Cutter TM49
171 Nightmare TM50
250 Whirlpool HM06 HM05*
127 Waterfall HM07 HM07 HM07 HM05 HM05
264 Focus Punch TM01 TM01
337 Dragon Claw TM02 TM02 TM02 TM02
352 Water Pulse TM03 TM03
347 Calm Mind TM04 TM04 TM04 TM04
258 Hail TM07 TM07 TM07 TM07
339 Bulk Up TM08 TM08 TM08 TM08
331 Bullet Seed TM09 TM09
269 Taunt TM12 TM12 TM12 TM12
113 Light Screen TM16 TM16 TM16 TM16
219 Safeguard TM20 TM20 TM20 TM20
280 Brick Break TM31 TM31 TM31 TM31
280 Shock Wave TM34 TM34
53 Flamethrower TM35 TM35 TM35 TM35
317 Rock Tomb TM39 TM39 TM39 TM39
332 Aerial Ace TM40 TM40 TM40 TM40
259 Torment TM41 TM41 TM41 TM41
263 Facade TM42 TM42 TM42 TM42
290 Secret Power TM43 TM43 TM94
285 Skill Swap TM48 TM48
289 Snatch TM49 TM49
315 Overheat TM50 TM50 TM50 TM50
291 Dive HM08* HM06 HM07
355 Roost TM51 TM19
411 Focus Blast TM52 TM52 TM52
412 Energy Ball TM53 TM53 TM53
206 False Swipe TM54 TM54 TM54
362 Brine TM55
374 Fling TM56 TM56 TM56
451 Charge Beam TM57 TM57 TM57
406 Dragon Pulse TM59
409 Drain Punch TM60
261 Will-O-Wisp TM61 TM61 TM61
318 Silver Wind TM62
373 Embargo TM63 TM63 TM63
421 Shadow Claw TM65 TM65 TM65
371 Payback TM66 TM66 TM66
278 Recycle TM67
416 Giga Impact TM68 TM68 TM68
397 Rock Polish TM69 TM69 TM69
444 Stone Edge TM71 TM71 TM71
419 Avalanche TM72
360 Gyro Ball TM74 TM74 TM74
446 Stealth Rock TM76
445 Captivate TM78
399 Dark Pulse TM79 TM97
404 X-Scissor TM81 TM81 TM81
363 Natural Gift TM83
398 Poison Jab TM84 TM84 TM84
447 Grass Knot TM86 TM86 TM86
365 Pluck TM88 TM88
369 U-turn TM89 TM89 TM89
430 Flash Cannon TM91 TM91 TM91
433 Trick Room TM92 TM92 TM92
432 Defog HM05*
431 Rock Climb HM08
468 Hone Claws TM01 TM01
473 Psyshock TM03 TM03
474 Venoshock TM09 TM09
477 Telekinesis TM19
479 Smack Down TM23 TM23
482 Sludge Wave TM34 TM34
488 Flame Charge TM43 TM43
490 Low Sweep TM47 TM47
496 Round TM48 TM48
497 Echoed Voice TM49 TM49
502 Ally Switch TM51
503 Scald TM55 TM55
507 Sky Drop TM58 TM58
510 Incinerate TM59 TM59
511 Quash TM60 TM60
512 Acrobatics TM62 TM62
514 Retaliate TM67 TM67
521 Volt Switch TM72 TM72
522 Struggle Bug TM76 TM76
523 Bulldoze TM78 TM78
524 Frost Breath TM79 TM79
525 Dragon Tail TM82 TM82
526 Work Up TM83
528 Wild Charge TM93 TM93
555 Snarl TM95 TM95
611 Infestation TM83
267 Nature Power TM96
612 Power-Up Punch TM98
605 Dazzling Gleam TM99
590 Confide TM100
308 Blast Burn
338 Frenzy Plant
309 Hydro Cannon
185 Feint Attack *
252 Fake Out *
95 Hypnosis *
101 Night Shade *
272 Role Play *
434 Draco Meteor
314 Air Cutter
282 Knock Off
466 Ominous Wind
389 Sucker Punch
271 Trick
410 Vacuum Wave
428 Zen Headbutt
270 Helping Hand
387 Last Resort
393 Magnet Rise
180 Spite
235 Synthesis
253 Uproar
246 Ancient Power
401 Aqua Tail
340 Bounce
414 Earth Power
283 Endeavor
380 Gastro Acid
441 Gunk Shot
257 Heat Wave
334 Iron Defense
442 Iron Head
200 Outrage
402 Seed Bomb
324 Signal Beam
276 Superpower
239 Twister
335 Block
450 Bug Bite
356 Gravity
215 Heal Bell
67 Low Kick
277 Magic Coat
220 Pain Split
81 String Shot
162 Super Fang
366 Tailwind
388 Worry Seed
520 Grass Pledge
519 Fire Pledge
518 Water Pledge
547 Relic Song
548 Secret Sword
343 Covet
529 Drill Run
530 Dual Chop
304 Hyper Voice
527 Electroweb
492 Foul Play
20 Bind
495 After You
478 Magic Room
472 Wonder Room


  • A total of 242 (4 of which are Mew-exclusive) different moves could be taught at one point or another, out of which 23 moves were teachable only before Generation III reboot (counting Zap Cannon even though it can be taught to Mew in Pokémon XD)