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Hey I'm LuigiRobs14 I've been a Pokémon fan since I was 5 the fisrt game I played was my friends Pokémon Red But I didn't get into the series for real until I got LeafGreen in 2004 and was hooked from then on I've played all the handheld games except FireRed, Gold and Crystal however I hope too in the future.

When I play through the games I prefer to use a balanced team rather than focus on one type, I study the type chart completely when I chose my Pokémon and make sure that my Pokémon can cover for each others weaknesses so my teams won't be at a disadvantage in some battles, I prefer not to battle online as most of the opponents I get turn their game off or break the connection when They start to lose also I can never find time to anyway.

My Favorite type is Grass and my favourite Pokémon is Torterra as it can take and deal out attacks like a beast which is good because I tend too be a bit reckless in battles which is probably why I didn't do so well in my Nuzlocke attempt of Black 2 which had me losing 12 Pokémon before reaching Nimbassa city which was made worse when my Pignite which I got from Bianca who I had raised from level 5-23 lost against a Darumaka owned by a Pokémon Ranger in The Desort Resort, He was named Hardy after Hardyt3kyoyo who's videos got me interested in trying a Nuzlocke run of my own, If I do another one in the future I hope to do much better and refine my battling skiils.

After a while I started writing down the teams I used in case I played the same game again as I prefer Using diffrent teams which I did from Diamond onward in the order that I played the games for the first time, the only Pokémon which may be the exception is my Starters, sometimes.


Torterra ♂ - Starter. Staraptor ♂ - Caught at Route 201 (as Starly). Raichu ♂ - Caught at the Trophy Garden (as Pichu). Lucario ♀ - Hatched from the Egg from Riley. Mamoswine ♂ - Caught at Route 217 (as Swinub). Infernape ♂ - Traded from Cousin (as Egg).


Venusaur ♂ - Starter. Pidgeot ♀ - Caught at Route 2 (as Pidgey). Nidoking ♂ - Caught at Route 3 (as Nidoran). Poliwrath ♂ - Caught at Route 6 (as Poiliwhirl). Ninetails ♀ - Caught at Route 7 (as Vulpix). Dragonite ♂ - Caught in Safari Zone (as Dratini).


Empoleon ♂ - Starter. Luxray ♀ - Caught at Route 201 (as Shinx). Roserade ♀ - Caught at Route 205 (as Budew). Houndoom ♂ - Caught at Lake Valor (as Houndour). Noctowl ♀ - Caught in Great Marsh. Rhyperior ♂ - Caught at Route 214 (as Rhyhorn).


Feraligtr ♂ - Starter. Ampharos ♂ - Caught at Route 32 (as Mareep). Fearow ♀ - Caught at Route 33 (as Spearow). Umbreon ♀ - Goldenrod City (Gift from Bill, as Eevee). Foretress ♂ - Caught at Route 38 (As Pineco). Crobat (Shiny) ♂ - Caught In Ice Path (as Golbat).

White (My Pokémon were in a Rotation like Ash's in the anime).

Emboar ♂ - Starter. Simisage ♂ - Gift from Dreamyard (as Pansage). Excadrill ♂ - Caught in Wellspring Cave (as Drillbur). Krookodile ♂ - Caught on Route 4 (as Sandile). Crustle ♂ - Caught in Desort Resort (as Dwebble). Samurott ♀ - Online trade (as Oshawott). Galvantula ♀ - Caught in Chargestone Cave (as Joltik). Haxorus ♂ - Caught In Mistralton Cave (as Axew). Beartic ♂ - Caught in Twist Mountain (as Cubchoo). Braviary ♂ - Caught at Route 10 (as Rufflet).

Black 2: (I went back to using 6 Pokémon as it took longer to beat White with a rotation).

Serperior ♂ - Starter. Unfezant ♀ - Caught on Route 20 (as Pidove). Arcanine ♂ - Caught in Virbank Complex (as Growlithe). Zoroark ♂ - N's from Driftveil City (as Zorua). Flygon ♀ - Caught in Rebirth Mountain (Outside) (as Trapinch). Starmie - Caught in Undella Town (as Staryu).