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User:LucarioWolf/Episode Dub Predicts

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  • DP111: A Galatic Explossevive !
  • DP112: Just Deoxys away !
  • DP113: Water you waiting for ?
  • DP114: An Ice on the contest .
  • DP115: The hyper side of wild !
  • DP116: A Frolass in the Snow !
  • DP117: The Rocket crumnles !
  • DP118: Ring around the Staravia !
  • DP119: A Battle of the Titains ?
  • DP120: Can you tell me all about ?,Pokémon !
  • DP121: A lone snow.
  • DP122: Don`t stop Evolution.
  • DP123: Knocking a 5th ribbon.
  • DP124: Ambipom sure plays a mean Ping-pong.
  • DP125: All riled about cute and non.
  • DP126: A snowy taeching
  • DP127: A Icy battle
  • DP128: A royal Pyramid battle.
  • DP129: The temple of Anger !
  • DP130: Case of the missing Lunchbox !
  • DP131: A full rival Part 1.
  • DP132: A full rival Part 2.
  • DP133: Blind Knowlage