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User:Lilkaykaygal/How to make a navigation

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Hi everyone, I'm going to teach you about Userpage Navigations.

What's a Userpage Navigation?

A Userpage Navigation is a navigation you use for the userspace. It helps people who visit your userpage to navigate through your userspace easily so you have some of your pages laid in front of you without typing it in the search bar.

What's a navigation made up of

Usually, a navigation would be made up of pages like your Userpage and your talkpage, but you're able to add other pages too, like Sanboxes and Templates. Whatever extra pages you have, you're able to add to your navigation.


Navigation Templates use a lot of wikicoding. Basically things like color and shape. When a template says to give a color, You could either write the color in color code e.g: FA92B2 or template e.g: {{psychic color light}}


In a navigation, you can also put in extras like images. Images can be used to represent a certain page you're linking to. For an example: this picture: 028.png could be used to represent a Sandbox.

Creating a navigation for the userspace

If your having trouble starting from scratch, here's an easy navigation to get you started.

Today were gonna use water colors, water type Pokémon images and typical links (of course from my userspace). Okay.

Step 1.

Type this:

{| width="50%" align="center" style="background: #{{water color light}}; border: #{{water color}} 5px solid; {{roundy|70px}}" |- align="center" | [[File:395.png]] | [[File:350.png]] | [[File:131.png]] | [[File:134.png]] |- align="center" | [[User:Lilkaykaygal|☆ My Page ☆]] | [[User talk:Lilkaykaygal|☆ My Talk ☆]] | [[Special:Contributions/Lilkaykaygal|☆ Contributions ☆]] | [[User:Lilkaykaygal/Sandbox|☆ My Sandbox ☆]] |}

Or this:

{| width="50%" align="center" style="background: #9DB7F5; border: #6890F0 5px solid; {{roundy|70px}}" |- align="center" | [[File:395.png]] | [[File:350.png]] | [[File:131.png]] | [[File:134.png]] |- align="center" | [[User:Lilkaykaygal|☆ My Page ☆]] | [[User talk:Lilkaykaygal|☆ My Talk ☆]] | [[Special:Contributions/Lilkaykaygal|☆ Contributions ☆]] | [[User:Lilkaykaygal/Sandbox|☆ My Sandbox ☆]] |}

Step 2.

Show your Result:

Step 3.

Have it in your userspace so eveyone can see.