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Born in 1988, my interest in Pokémon began with the release of Red and Blue, the Blue which I first got. Bulbasaur was my first-ever Pokémon from that game (I was going to pick Squirtle, but the manual urged me to start with a Grass-type to make things easier). Then I purchased Yellow where my starter was...um...Pikachu. I had a hard time against Brock due to his Pokémon being Ground-type.

A year after Yellow, I then got Gold, as a result of winning a bet involving the 2000 Olympics. However, there was a problem...in 2006, the battery in both Gold and Silver failed, resulting in useless cartridges. Unfortunately, my interest in Pokémon soon faded for time.

Despite having purchased Sapphire and Emerald, I didn't return to the franchise until the release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, in which I freakishly began liking the series and...well, that's my story.