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Item Rarity

Appearance rates increase across the board after obtaining the National Dex.
Rarity of items is as follows, with 1 being rare and 5 being common.[1]

Item D P Notes
Red/Blue/Green Spheres 5 5
Prism Sphere 3 3 Rate becomes 4 if player has Dialga's Adamant Orb
Pale Sphere 3 3 Rate becomes 4 if player has Palkia's Lustrous Orb
Heart Scale
4 4
Skull Fossil 4 0
Armor Fossil 0 4
Dome/Root Fossils 2 3 Appears only after getting National Dex
Helix/Claw Fossils 3 2 Appears only after getting National Dex
Old Amber 2 2 Appears only after getting National Dex
Hard Stone
3 3
Heat/Damp/Smooth/Icy Rocks 3 3
Fire/Thunder/Sun Stones 3 2
Water/Leaf/Moon Stones 2 3
Plates 2 2 All plates can be mined.
Rates for each plate and possible differences with date and time are unknown.
Iron Ball
Light Clay
2 2
Revive 3 3
Max Revive 2 2
Star Piece
Rare Bone
2 2 Valuable Items
Odd Keystone
Oval Stone
1 1