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Hello and welcome to my userpage. Not as active as I used to as of 9/26/2013. {NOTE} As of the release of Pokemon X and Y, I have stopped going on Bulbapedia for 3 months. This may be due to the fact that I had felt a gloomy feeling when playing my Pokemon Black 2 game. I think Gen 5 went by way too fast. I will never visit the articles telling about a type of pokemon again because it'll only make it worse. However though, I'm still watching the Pokemon episodes and well, not much. I have to say this is a goodbye to Bulbapedia for now as of 11/21/2013. I might never return since how fast things have gone. I cannot take it anymore. If you want to contact me, please e-mail me at kevinkhoii@yahoo.com or you can go on ROBLOX.com and search for my user called InsertWordsHere. Pokemon used to be my childhood, but now it's just missing large chunks of it. Of course, it was never the pokemon creepypastas. I enjoyed reading them a lot. Now with only Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Black 2 in my house, I do not know what to do now. All I basically have now is just sit here until midnight and type this up. I don't think I will ever return because of how much Pokemon and Nintendo has disappointed me. I could critcize all of the new pokemon, but I think I would be too judgemental. Like I said, I would only watch the episodes. But I noticed how the Unova region series went by too fast. Shortest. series. ever. I have as well noticed how much of a little kid that Ash has been (no offense). I think I just might as well just keep those two games to remember as games from a series that I liked really much, but not anymore. If you don't understand why Nintendo is involved in this, look at what they did to Flipnote Hatena, they shut it down on people like my little sister who didn't have a 3DS for the new Flipnote 3D Studio. Although it may seen it doesn't make sense why I'm saying it here, I quit Pokemon for good. I will never come back to this series ever. Now goodbye and have a good day.