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Animated Moves Guidelines & Checklist

Aha! So here's my big list of moves. The plan is to create an animated image for every single move that I can. A small challenge methinks. :) But if anyone else would like to help, please do so. There's lots of moves to do!

Guidelines for Animations

(This will probably have it's own page sooner or later.)

Here's a few guidelines I've been following for my animations so far. I thought that if others want to create these as well, there should be some level of consistency.

• The animation must be the standard GameBoy Advance size. No enchantments should be used.

• The animation must only show the users Pokémon attacking, not the opponents.

• If possible, the oposing and user's Pokémon HP should be full (with the exception of healing moves, such as Leach Life). (The best way to achieve this is to initiate a wild battle.)

• The animation must start when the animation text rolls across the screen. No other dialogue boxes (ie. move choosing) should be shown beforehand.

• The animation ends after the effect of the move has been shown. (For example, the Pokémon image flashes when it's been hit with a physical attack, while an animation is shown if it's stats are affected. The user's Pokémon HP may rise as well, using moves like Synthesis and Leach Life)

• Nothing lower than Generation III games must be used. FireRed or LeafGreen if possible. (If anyone can get decent Generation IV animations, please say and I'll extend the list below).

• The animation should stop before the HP of the opposing Pokémon goes down (with the exception of moves such as Leach Life and Leach Seed).

• The animation file type must be an animated gif.

• The animation file name should follow this format: AnimMove_*MOVE NUMBER*_*MOVE NAME*.gif. So, for Gust, the name would be AnimMove_16_Gust.gif

• Two turn moves must be shown in sequence; no other move should be shown in-between (see example below).

• The animation must be taken with screen capture software for clarity's sake. You can't just film your Gameboy/DS with a camera.

• Any move that has different effects in a trainer battle and a wild battle must be done in a wild battle (e.g. Whirlwind) The only exception is moves that will only work in a double battle or trainer battle.



So here's the big checklist (which will hopefully help me as much as you). If you upload an animated image, please check it off by wrapping del tags around the number and name. At the moment, I'm focussing on the moves introduced with Generation I (1-165).

# Name
01 Pound
02 Karate Chop
03 DoubleSlap
04 Comet Punch
05 Mega Punch
06 Pay Day
07 Fire Punch
08 Ice Punch
09 ThunderPunch
10 Scratch
11 ViceGrip
12 Guillotine
13 Razor Wind
14 Swords Dance
15 Cut
16 Gust
17 Wing Attack
18 Whirlwind
19 Fly
20 Bind
21 Slam
22 Vine Whip
23 Stomp
24 Double Kick
25 Mega Kick
26 Jump Kick
27 Rolling Kick
28 Sand-Attack
29 Headbutt
30 Horn Attack
31 Fury Attack
32 Horn Drill
33 Tackle
34 Body Slam
35 Wrap
36 Take Down
37 Thrash
38 Double-Edge
39 Tail Whip
40 Poison Sting
41 Twineedle
42 Pin Missile
43 Leer
44 Bite
45 Growl
46 Roar
47 Sing
48 Supersonic
49 SonicBoom
50 Disable
51 Acid
52 Ember
53 Flamethrower
54 Mist
55 Water Gun
56 Hydro Pump
57 Surf|
58 Ice Beam
59 Blizzard
60 Psybeam
61 BubbleBeam
62 Aurora Beam
63 Hyper Beam
64 Peck
65 Drill Peck
66 Submission
67 Low Kick
68 Counter
69 Seismic Toss
70 Strength
71 Absorb
72 Mega Drain
73 Leech Seed
74 Growth
75 Razor Leaf
76 SolarBeam
77 PoisonPowder
78 Stun Spore
79 Sleep Powder
80 Petal Dance
81 String Shot
82 Dragon Rage
83 Fire Spin
84 ThunderShock
85 Thunderbolt
86 Thunder Wave
87 Thunder
88 Rock Throw
89 Earthquake
90 Fissure
91 Dig
92 Toxic
93 Confusion
94 Psychic
95 Hypnosis
96 Meditate
97 Agility
98 Quick Attack
99 Rage
100 Teleport
101 Night Shade
102 Mimic
103 Screech
104 Double Team
105 Recover
106 Harden
107 Minimize
108 SmokeScreen
109 Confuse Ray
110 Withdraw
111 Defense Curl
112 Barrier
113 Light Screen
114 Haze
115 Reflect
116 Focus Energy
117 Bide
118 Metronome
119 Mirror Move
120 Selfdestruct
121 Egg Bomb
122 Lick
123 Smog
124 Sludge
125 Bone Club
126 Fire Blast
127 Waterfall
128 Clamp
129 Swift
130 Skull Bash
131 Spike Cannon
132 Constrict
133 Amnesia
134 Kinesis
135 Softboiled
136 Hi Jump Kick
137 Glare
138 Dream Eater
139 Poison Gas
140 Barrage
141 Leech Life
142 Lovely Kiss
143 Sky Attack
144 Transform
145 Bubble
146 Dizzy Punch
147 Spore
148 Flash
149 Psywave
150 Splash
151 Acid Armor
152 Crabhammer
153 Explosion
154 Fury Swipes
155 Bonemerang
156 Rest
157 Rock Slide
158 Hyper Fang
159 Sharpen
160 Conversion
161 Tri Attack
162 Super Fang
163 Slash
164 Substitute
165 Struggle