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First Encounters of the Shiny Kind

My first encounter with a shiny was in my Emerald Version on Victory Road. I saw a brown Sableye. I didn't know about shinies then, but I tried to catch it anyway. I ran out of Poké Balls about ten minutes later. I found out about shiny Pokémon a few months later. I vowed never to let another shiny slip through my fingers again, although I wouldn't see another for years.

The Trade That Never Was

About a year later, my friend had agreed to trade me a shiny Swablu. Then he lost his game. (I lost The Game!) I was very mad. This may not seem important now, but it comes into my Shiny Story later.

My Shinies

About a year after the infamous Trade That Never Was, I saw wild shiny Bibarel in my Diamond Version. Unfortunately, it was at the Great Marsh. I was able to catch it before it ran away. I creatively named it SHINY, and started my collection.

A few months later, my friend paid his debt to me by giving me a shiny Latias (holding a Master Ball!) She is now one of the best Pokémon on my team.

After realizing how to get multiple Surfing Pikachu from my copy of PBR, I traded one for a shiny Tentacruel.

A few months later, the Bulbagarden Trade Station opened, and within the first few months I got a shiny Electivire, a UT Japanese Shokotan Pichu, a shiny Quagsire, a shiny Charmander, and a shiny (and French) Starly who is also one of my main battlers now.

Then, I got some TRU Arceus. I traded one and a Surfing Pikachu for a shiny Eevee, Turtwig, Ditto, Porygon, Totodile, Chikorita, Staryu, and Riolu. Around this time I was given a shiny Cyndaquil. (Yes, I have all three of the shiny Jotho starters. Be jelous somewhere else.)

Now I have three Shiny Pichu at the PCP event. They are all UT.

That's all of my shinies for now.