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User:Kasei/Kasei's Gardevoir

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Kasei's Gardevoir
???のサーナイト ???'s simight
Spr 4d 282.png
Kasei's Gardevoir
Caught at Unknown
Ani280MS.pngAni281MS.pngAni282MS.png Lv. 100
Current location Party

Kasei's Gardevoir is a level 100 Gardevoir. This Was the first pokemon Kasei had, as he was given it when it was still a Ralts. It is his favorite of the three pokemon he owns, and is the pokemon he uses when battling against Gym Leaders and the elite four. He does not keep Gardevoir in a pokeball.

Moves used

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Kasei's Pokémon
On Hand:
| Lopunny
| Gardevoir | Frosslass