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My name is Julie and one of my favorite Pokémon is Gengar. The main reason I created an account was so that I could fix typos on Bulbapedia. I would add new info and general pages if I could, but I cannot read Japanese, and I would not know where to look for new info, anyway.

  • Pokémon games I have played (♪=still playing, ♫=still playing often)
    • Blue
    • Silver
    • FireRed ♪
    • LeafGreen
    • Emerald ♪
    • Pearl ♫
    • SoulSilver ♫
    • Ranger
    • Ranger-Shadows of Almia
    • Red Rescue Team
    • Explorers of Time
    • Explorers of Sky ♫
    • Trading Card Game for GameBoy
    • Pinball (original)
    • Colloseum
    • XD: Gale of Darkness ♪
    • Rumble ♪
    • TCG ♪
    • TCG-Rumble
    • Trading Figure Game
    • Poké-opoly (hand-made by me) ♪
    • Pokémon Life (in the works)
  • Other video games I frequently play
    • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GCN)
    • Zuma Deluxe (PC)
  • Other hobbies
    • Playing the violin
    • frequenting BMGf
    • creating Pokémon of my own
    • Cross-stitching
    • Translating Latin into English & vice-versa
    • Swimming
    • Catching up on homework (not fun, but something I do often)
    • Telling good, clean jokes