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February 26 196

We have entered a new chapter in the ongoing history of Bulbapedia, and with each new chapter comes a new deputy. As with all previous deputies, the person chosen to hold this position has shown astounding dedication to the betterment of Bulbapedia. She has been a member of staff for almost four years, with two of them as a member of the Editorial Board. She had made significant advancements for our manga section as both the Head of Manga and leader of Project Manga. Bulbapedia's new Deputy Editor-in-Chief is Zesty Cactus.

This also means that there is a new Head of Manga. The Head of Manga takes the responsibility of overseeing all manga-related matters and is the highest authority on these matters, behind the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and Editorial Board as a whole. The person chosen to undertake the responsibilities of this position has shown himself to be dedicated and highly experienced in the Pokémon manga. Welcome to the Editorial Board, Ataro, and congratulations.

A number of additional very deserving users are receiving promotions. Congratulations ArcToraphim, Masatoshi, Pokemaster97, Spriteit, Crystal Talian, G50, and Funktastic~!. A number of new Junior Administrators will also be joining the staff in the coming days, keep an eye out for them.

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Indigo Plateau

The Indigo Plateau serves as the capital for the Pokémon League. It is the final destination for Pokémon Trainers competing in Indigo or Johto League competitions against the Elite Four. This is the where the powerful Elite Four battle against Trainers in a final showdown of becoming a master Pokémon trainer, who may be challenged after defeating of all eight Gym Leaders of each respective region. In the anime, it is also the location of the Indigo Plateau Conference, Kanto Grand Festival and the Pokémon League Village.

The Indigo Plateau is located just north of Victory Road, and east of Mt. Silver. In Generation I and III, the only way to reach the Indigo Plateau is by going through Route 23; however, in Generation II and IV, the Indigo Plateau can be reached by going through Route 26. In order to reach Indigo Plateau by foot, Trainers must venture through Victory Road, a lengthy cave acting as a final test for Trainers.

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