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Scenario HP Speed Power
Rain 0 0 0
Hail (-) 0 0
Sunlight 0 0 0
Sandstorm (-) 0 0

Scenario HP Speed Power
Leech Seed (-1/8) 0 0
Confusion (-) 0 0
Curse (-¼) 0 0
Burn (-1/8) 0 (½)P
Paralysis 0 (¼) 0
Poison (-1/8) 0 0
Badly Poison (-1/16) 0 0
Spikes (-) 0 0
Stealth Rock 0 0 0

Note that 0 means no effect. (-) means decrease, and (+) means increase. P means Physical, and S means Special.

Leave burn the way it is if there is no change. Same for poison. For Poison Spikes, see Poison/Badly Poison, except that Flying-types are immune as well.