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Former Gym Leaders

There have been many Trainers that were once Gym Leaders but later left the position because of various reasons, including losing a fight for the town's Gym and surrendering the position for another family member. The following is a listing of former Gym Leaders.

Gym Leader City Type specialty Notes
Kiyo Saffron City Fighting Gym Leader prior to a battle with Sabrina
Flannery's grandfather Lavaridge Town Unknown* Known as Mr. Moore in the anime
Falkner's father Violet Gym Flying Known as Walker in Pokémon Adventures
Koga Fuschia City Poison Gym Leader in Generations I and III, currently an Elite Four member
Giovanni Viridian City Ground Gym Leader in Generations I and III
Wallace Sootopolis City Water Gym Leader in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
Cilan, Chili, Cress Striaton City Grass, Fire, Water Gym Leaders in Pokémon Black and White
Lenora Nacrene City Normal Gym Leader in Pokémon Black and White
Brycen Icirrus City Ice Gym Leader in Pokémon Black and White
Iris Opelucid City Dragon Gym Leader in Pokémon White, currently the Champion of the Unova League, only true for the White canon
Drayden Opelucid City Dragon Exclusive to the Pokémon Adventures manga canon, replaced by Iris, will consider becoming a Gym Leader again in the future
Aaron Unknown Bug Currently an Elite Four member
Miles Mistralton City Unknown* Anime-exclusive
Flint Pewter City Rock Anime-exclusive; Gym Leader before Brock; co-led with Lola after Brock left until the position was passed to Forrest
Lola Pewter City Water Anime-exclusive; co-led with Flint after Brock left until the position was passed to Forrest
Gym Leader Blackthorn Gym Unknown* Anime-exclusive; original Gym Leader until his passing


In the anime, Byron was previously the Oreburgh Gym Leader before he was the Canalave Gym Leader.

Riley was offered a position to be a Gym Leader but declined.