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User:HoennMaster/N's Hideout

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N's Hideout
N's Hideout.png
N's Hideout
Region Unova
Debut Secrets From Out of the Fog!

N's Hideout is an anime-exclusive location in the Unova region. It is located in a secret forest that appears to be in a separate dimension.

The pond behind the cottage

After N was injured trying to save Pokémon from Team Plasma's control device in Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!, Anthea and Concordia appeared from within a strange blanket of fog and rescued N from Team Plasma, while Ash, Iris, and Cilan follow. They bring him to a secret cottage located within a dense forest and heal him in a small pond. Although Anthea and Concordia demand Ash and his friends leave, N permits them to stay.

N reveals that himself, Anthea, and Concordia took up residence in the secret cottage two years earlier after their previous home was destroyed by Reshiram after Ghetsis tried to control it. Since then they have lived at the cottage taking care of Pokémon who have been injured due to the carelessness of humans.

The trio would later be forced to abandon the hideout once Team Plasma was able to locate it and attacked in hopes of capturing N.

Pokémon seen at N's Hideout

N's Hideout Pokemon.png
Patrat (multiple)
N's Hideout Pokemon.png
Petilil (multiple)
N's Hideout Pokemon.png
Deerling (multiple)
N's Hideout Pokemon 2.png
Minccino (multiple)
N's Hideout Pokemon 2.png
N's Hideout Pokemon 2.png
Cottonee (multiple)
N's Hideout Pidove.png
Pidove (multiple)
N's Hideout Shinx.png