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Basic Overview of ME!

Hello all! My name is Heracross42, and not so subtly, I am an avid Heracross trainer. I joined Bulbapedia in 2008, but have visited Bulbapedia before and taken use of its excellent and informative pages. Also, by no means am I new to Pokémon. For nearly all my life, I have been no less than obsessed. I strive to keep this enduring obsession a healthy one. I don't claim to know everything about Pokémon. Professor Oak himself maintains that he does not know everything about Pokémon. The same for me! This having been said, I do know a great deal about Pokémon. I own a version from every generation, and I own the two Stadiums, Colosseum, XD, and PBR. That's basically me :)!

Random Stuff About ME!

Lets see, I'll start with likes & dislikes: Likes:

Living life as it comes.


Taking it easy.

Keeping an open mind!



Smileys!!! :) :D (and the evil bunny rabbit!) >:-B (it doesnt seem as impressive in this font..)

... and stuff like reading manga & watching anime. This IS Bulbapedia :D. I like a lot of other stuff too, it's just I'm too lazy to put it down :D.


Emo/Goth (I know there is a difference, I just can't seem to figure it out though... ...) (I really don't mind goth/emo that much, I do know some nice goth/emo people.)

Intolerance ( I keep an open mind :)


Anime Haters

Mispronouncers (I really freak out about that)

Misspellings (Especially of Pokémon and related words)

...I dont really dislike that much!