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Hi I am Hariyama5 and I am a new user. I have been a fan of Pokemon for many years.


My first Pokemon game I played was Pearl Version followed by HeartGold Version and finally White2 Version. I haven't played all the games due to being a recent player.


Pearl Version

Diamond Pearl Lucas.png389Torterra.png484Palkia.png397Staravia.png054Psyduck.png071Victreebel.png400Bibarel.png

HeartGold Version

HeartGold SoulSilver Ethan.png160Feraligatr.png150Mewtwo.png250Ho-Oh.png132Ditto.png017Pidgeotto.png162Furret.png

X and Y Sugi Art

XY Calem.pngXY Serena.png650Chespin.png