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These are decks that are gym-based.


GH-Gym Heroes
GC-Gym Challange
TMTA-EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
VS-VS Series

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
x1 Ash's Phanpy (VS) Fighting --
x2 Ash's Swellow (VS) Colorless --
x2 Blane's Typhlosion (VS) Fire Common
x1 Brock's Omostar (VS) Fighting Common
x1 Brock's Onix (GH) Fighting Common
x3 Brock's Vulpix (CG) Fire Uncommon
x2 Brock's Ninetales (GC) Fire Rare
x1 Burno's Steelix (VS) Metal Rare
x1 Butler's Salamence (VS) Colorless --
x1 Jasmine's Raichu (VS) Lightning Common
x1 Lt. Surge's Lanturn (VS) Lightning Common
x2 Lt. Surge's Magnemite (GH) Lightning Common
x1 Lt. Surge's Magneton (GH) Lightning Rare
x1 Ryu's Blaziken (VS) Fire --
x3 Team Magma's Aron (TMTA) Fighting Common
x2 Team Magma's Lairon (TMTA) Fighting Uncommon
x1 Team Magma's Aggron (TMTA) FightingDarkness Rare
x4 Potion T Common
x2 Pokémon Retrever T Uncommon
x1 Space Center T Uncommon
x3 Roseanne's Research T Uncommon
x1 Wally's Training T Uncommon
x1 Brock's Technecal Machine 02 T Uncommon
x7 Lightning Energy E --
x8 Fighting Energy E --
x8 Fire Energy E --