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Hi, my user name is Gracenotes, and my real name is Matt♂. I fix and adjust minor things: you might call me a WikiGnome. I might get around to writing some episode synopses, e.g. for the mostly empty Johto Arc (I wonder why :P). I use Firefox on Ubuntu.

I've gotten past the Elite Four in Blue, Yellow, Ruby, Emerald, and FireRed, over a span of 12 years. I'm okay—my teams are mostly UU, anyway, and I make teams and movesets mostly with type in mind, which is good enough for the games. I'm a casual fan of the anime, having watched basically all 550-something of the English-dubbed episodes.

I like the music. A lot. I jog to the Burning Battle Field theme, ffs. I can play some of game and anime themes on the piano (Verdanturf Town is my favorite at the moment).