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金オオカミ gold wolf
I haven't got a beard!
Gender Male
Hometown Veilstone City
Region Sinnoh

This user is new to Bulbapedia, please help him in his talk page... Anyway, Goldenwolf is a legendary pokemon trainer from Hearthrome city, he specialises in fire typed pokemon when he is not training his Legendary pokemon. This character/user s trains and battles pokemon for a living, and sprites and breeds them as a hobby. His starter pokemon was a Chimchar, who is now his only level 100 pokemon without the rare candy code in his gameshark. Goldenwolf has a youtube account that he wishes you to check out.

But enough about that!

Goldenwolf's my name, speed's my game! So... I am known arround the net as 'Goldenwolf,' but before you ask, no I don't have a deviant art account. Other places wher I'm known as goldenwolf: AskmeHelpDesk, youtube (obviously, except that there I added numbers because the name was already taken) and the bulbamedia forums, which I don usually use.

Before you tell me I can't spell things write (just kidding) right, I should tell you that I can't even spell spanish right, because I am from a very small latin country. Ok... that is what I think is relevant on this page, so... thank you very much for reading about me!

Usertags, or whatever their name is!

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