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User:Giratina's Embodiment/Warriors of the Shadow Force

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The Warriors of the Shadow Force are my best Pokémon. I'd have more, but I just restarted.

Current Warriors

Aura/Lucario: My greatest warrior. Four moves. Three types. One formation tool.

Obtained in a link trade from OT: Ethan. Waiting for Sunnyshore Gym win

Blaze/Blaziken: Deadly burner from the reigon where the weather fights and a sky snake won't wiggle.

Starter: Pokémon Emerald. Sitting in the PC until I obtain access to Pal Park

Blaze/Infernape: Inferno monkey from the reigon where there is a world which acts as DNA.

Starter: Pokémon Platinum. Party.

Volt/Luxray: Electric Wolf that doesn't like being disturbed.

Caught on Route 202. Party.

DARKRAI/Darkrai: Second-in-command. Last time an opponents attack touched him: some uber haxxor with six Alphas on PBR How can you win against that?

Obtained from Almia. Same current as Aura

DEOXYS/Deoxys Speed Forme: My lightning warrior, although he hasn't been trained to lightning yet.

Obtained in a link trade from OT: JON. Party.

Sky Demon/Rayquaza: Welcome, Sky High Pokemon of the Hoenn Reigon!

Caught at Sky Pillar. Same current as Blaze (Hoenn).

Magma/Groudon: Welcome, Earth Burner!

Caught at Terra Cave. Same current as above

Aqua/Kyogre: Welcome, Ocean Freezer!

Caught at Marine Cave. Same Current as above

Renegade/Giratina: My master has finally joined me! And twice... woah. When did he get a brother, I thought Deoxys...

Caught at Distortion World. Party
Obtained in a link trade from OT: Rylee. Party


  • If you would like to battle my warriors, or would lie to join as a Soilder of the Shadow Force, click tab two at the top of the page and leave a message after the beep.