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User:Giratina's Embodiment

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101.png This user comes from Canada.
381.png This user identifies as male.
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129.png This user's least favorite Pokémon is Magikarp.
129.png This user's least favorite Pokémon is Magikarp because he sucks like Rocket blasts off; a lot
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About me

My name is Draco Aura. I am probably the biggest Eevee fan in the world. I am trying to get a full set of Eeveelutions, and I am trying hard!

I first logged on Bulbapedia as Lucarion. The reason I made a new account is because a) my CPU got haywire, b) I couldn't get my email working, and c) my master wanted me to be true.

Other Work

I am the physical embodiment of Giratina, but I still got spare time on my hands. I am the author of the Pokémon Befriender Series.

As possibly the world's biggest Eeveefan, I am working on names and descriptions for Eeveelutions of every type and other whatnots. That's 10+ foxes, but so far the only one likely is a special little Draco Fox named Draceon.

I'm a to-be video game designer. I do work.

Pokémon Befriender Series

Protagonist: Pokémon Befriender Kenlesht

Main Pokémon: Eevee (♂)

Antagonist: No permanent antagonist, unless you count that Kenlesht and Eevee have a long grudge on Alpha and vice versa.

High Friends of Protagonists: Gardevior (MD1 Ninetales legend ring anyone's bell?), "Kirlia Dex", a Kirlia with a third horn and great spellcaster expertise whom eventually evolves into Gallade, and Eeveelutions.

Abilities: Kenlesht is a sorcerer of some sort, spell names, pronounceation and effects below. Eevee can transform all seven ways faster than Ditto, and can use Hyper Beam and Giga Impact. Eevee can also use multitype forms of Hyper Beam and Giga Impact, named Typial Beam and Rainbow Impact.

Basically, this series goes a long way. Kenlesht has befriended almost all Gen I-III Pokémon, all legendaries, Leafeon, Glaceon, Infernape, Torterra, Empoleon, Luxray, and Gallade (latter through evolution). Manaphy and Phione, expectedly, find Kenlesht as a 'Dada' of sorts. Eevee and Kenlesht are close friends, and Kenlesht goes far to do lots of whatnot.

I'm still cleaning up on this series, in between working on his aura series.

Kenlesht's Spells

Incomplete. I need to work on my memory for doing this page.

Most of these are taught by Kirlia Dex, but a few are introduced by an unknown voice

Gontuge Miskre

Pronounceation: Gone-toog-miss-crae

Effect: Weak impact, add-ons commonly used

Uses: As Kenlesht's first spell, it is used many times; to work down the legendary birds, to attack with Eevee's Hyper Beam, and to example to a doubtful Latios in Eon Rescue


Pronounceation: Ek-troe-moe-noe

Effect: Powerful spell with 80% chance temporary KO

Uses: Twice as poweful as Gontuge Miskre, this is his basic works


Pronounceation: Shen-kak-ta-ka-leen-ton

Effect: Wave-like attack with long range, non-target selection and chance of user falling unconcious


Pronounceation: Hover-in-too-nax

Effect: Hovers user endlessly until deactivated.

Uses: While recruiting Heatran, used to avoid burning magma and earth hot enough to melt his shoes off

Rectino Entrisi/Isirtne Onitcer

Pronounceation: Reck-tee-noe En-tree-see/Is-irt-nae On-eet-ser

Effects: Rectino Entrisi transfers power from user to target. Isirtne Ontitcer transfers from target to user.

Uses: Basically the Battle Big Time series; to help Shaymin's Sky Forme carry squad all to bird trio in Intro, Wing, Psy, to help Manaphy save Kenlesht from a swarm of water types in Wolf, Polar, Crystal, and to draw power from Alpha in Face to Face with the Maker of TimeSpace.

Aura Series

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

In this series, we take a walk down Mystery Dungeon Lane; a young Riolu awakens in the unfamiliar Recanto Reigon with no memeory whatsoever; unlike MD, this includes name. A Skitty named Shenai, who ends up a semi-expert harpist, is his first living sight, host to his recovery, and eventually great friend. She feeds him up, and ends up giving him a name, Aura, when he fires a white orb of spiritual energy out of the mouth of her home cave. In a local dojo, he discovers he can use all aura moves, and all aura is white. At the end of the Dojo, he is granted the Aura Armour, encasing him in Aura and boosting all of his stats but speed.

Soon he discovers an odd package giving him directions to the homes of the Ancient Instruments of Element. A desert, home to a drum of earth, gives him knowledge of Aura Vision (that thing in the anime where AGs can see anyone's spirit). An icefield, home to a harp of water, masters his use of it. Reaching the sky in want of an Ocarina, however, is a bit of a challenge, and introduces him to a new recruit; Darkrai, who turns out an excellent drummer. In battle with an emerald sky snake, he loses the Armour, but from the heavens is granted the Aura Fury, a more powerful but unstable form of the Armour which grants him boosted speed and near invincibility.

After gaining all instruments, he uses them in songs received in another package to not only bring the Stairs of Origin to the Peak of Ancients, but also temporarily grant him new Aura Powers. Examples of such are: Aura Warp, a short-range teleportation; Aura Bomb, an aura-wave-releasing drop; and Aura Knight, granting him aura sword, shield, and defense-only armour.

He soon learns that he's made a short-time enemy team known as REMEDY, composed of Rhyperior, the leader, Electivire, Magmortar, Exploud, Dusknoir, and Yanmega. One quick battle on Mt Rage, however, provides an immediate enemy loss; unowning of a white flag, Rhyperior waves a heavy white rock as a sign of defeat.

Afterwards, a strange challenge occurs. As Team Soul Makers is training, a sudden blizzard freezes a fired Aura Sphere. Immediately, Aura learns that the frozen sphere provides the abulity to unfreeze anything frozen. Rekkuza sends him a note, and he goes off, in chase of Articuno. Later, near-identical occasions happen with the other legendary birds. Afterwards, with the Soul Thunder, Soul Ice, and Soul Flame in hand, he takes off to Windborne Rock, to make battle with the Diving Pokémon Lugia. Completing battle provides gift of the Wind Within, an ability which allows Aura to take flight with the slightest breeze.

An ability which he has trouble restraining against. Soon, he gains a message coming with an aura-made crossbow. Soon he finds himself at an Aura Dojo, with a spiritual Lucario whom accepts Aura as his student, and whom Aura accepts as his sensei. He learns that the act of meditation, in Aura Warriors, increases aura abilities. The sensei teaches him to perform the Aura Abilities without the use of the Melody of Aura, although admitting that they will not be as powerful.

After a week of harsh training, Sensei Lucairo teaches Aura the ability to absorb all aura within him to perform the final Aura Attack; a beam of aura with the Warrior at it's energial center.

-Additional info to be released at available time-

But only after meeting and being whisked away by the squad of 'cute' legends calling themselves the Petite Antons does he find the meaning of his white aura; he is the Pokémon Befriender Kenlesht, white aura replacing spells in his forgetful state. Aura is doubtful at first, but Celebi demands him to attempt the basic spell: Gontuge Miskre. It fails, and Aura activates his fury to defend himself. Expectedly, the Antons are knocked out within a matter of seconds. Shenai and Darkrai appear on the scene, and the trio does a little victory animation. Jirachi, whatching weakly, remembers something; Kenlesht's spells activated when there was one Pokémon either with him or summoned by him; Eevee, a trusted friend. She demands Aura to use it, and he does out of quick boredom, but it succeeds.

The Antons explain that Alpha had drawn him here to Recanto to test his abilities when he was not aware of who he was. Darkrai states to being as surprised as Aura, as he and all other legends thought Kenlesht dead. The squad of the Antons and Aura's trio head for the Peak of Ancients and therefore, the Hall of Origin.

Alpha explains as they rush for him that he was the voice that was giving him things, from spells Kirlia Dex knew not to advice in forms of both. Here are a few lines to be from Aura: Anger at Alpha;

"I don't understand," said Darkrai. "Why did you give him the help if you are trying to kill him?"

"Why?" the voice screamed as they neared the top. "Because I want to be the one to kill him!"

The squad reached the top as a large horse with a golden ring around it spirited into sight. The great entity before their eyes coated itself with black energy, acting like armour when Celebi fired a Seed Bomb. The creator screamed, paralyzing the Antons, and fired a beam at all but Aura and Darkrai. They were knocked down and vanished falling, and the stairs were destroyed.

"Your mad, Arceus." Darkrai stated with a growl.

"You go too far!"

Darkai was hit with a beam and vanished into nothingness.

"And call me Alpha."

Aura activated his fury and played the Melody of Aura on the Ventus Ocarina, feeling the abilities fill him.

"Bring it, then, Alpha."

After this, Aura, an encyclopedia's worth of spells rushing into his head, and Arceus, mad and protected as though he has the Aura Fury, face off. At the end, Aura is knocked into the peak-head, a natural formation of stones resembling Giratina's Origin, and trapped there. Aura is a sitting duck target, and Alpha is about to hit Aura with a beam of black energy when a swirling rainbow hits him, smashing the crystal platform of the Hall of Origin. Aura, however, pays attention to the 30-backflipping Eevee, smoking all over and landing near Aura. Eevee remarks semi-smartly, "Haven't seen you since the Origin Hall". Arceus rises, and Aura takes all of his remaining energy and packs it into the final Aura move: Aura Storm. He falls unconcious, but Arceus is knocked out. His body forms into white energy, and flows into Aura. A voice from the heavens calls to him in his mind;

"Your time here is done. You will return to your world, friends in hand."

However, Aura sees Shenai, the Petite Antons, and Darkrai reappear on the peak of Ancients. Realizing that his future is here, in Recanto, he flatly refuses. He then rushes away, and Team Soul Makers stays true.

The Petite Antons

The Petite Antons are a team of every 'cute' legendary Pokémon. In the Pokémon Befriender Series, the Antons team up to follow Kenlesht to Alpha in Face to Face with the Maker of TimeSpace. In the Pokémon Aura Series, the bring him back to his senses.


Video Games I am Working On

  • Pokémon Onyx Version: The kid of a villian squad's ringleader becomes the hero of Sinnoh's people. Nice opening title, huh? You're boss's kid. Includes 3D-like cutscenes, for the first time in a handheld game. See below for storyline.
  • Pokémon Ranger Shadow Force: Rangering has alsawys been a bit of a workout; now it's a workout on the Wii! 3D graphics, a set of Islands for a reigon, and the ressurection of a Giratina Skeleton; I get excited waiting for it!
  • Pokémon Combat Tactics: Think you've got what it takes to fight in real-time action? Combat tactics will rewrite every law you thought you'd memorized about Pokémon battling!

My Subpages

Pokémon Onyx Version
Warriors of the Shadow Force
How I got/am getting legendaries

Eeveelution Ideas

Okay, with the normal Eevee going the way he's already gone, he's on his way to gaining title of "Only Pokémon to gain evolutions of every elemental type" or however you want to put it. Anyone with art skills, work with me. Pkmn company, read me out!


First and foremost, finish with the formerly all-special types.

Type: Dragon

Species: Draco Fox

Evolution Method: Happiness & Level up holding Dragon's Aura

Okay, take a Flareon-like body. Add wings, like on that Spyro the Dragon guy. Give him a fancy pair of horns, bent back in a loop like an @. Shade him in with Dragon purple. You have Draceon.


Okay, I didn't make this one. Aragornbird from Arkeis did. You can find it here.

Species: Club Tail


Type: Poison

Species: Toxic Paw

Take Umbreon. Make toxic fluid drip from his eartips. Change him to Poison pink.


Type: Ground

Species: Tunnelquick

Take Jolteon. Make him less spiky. Give him Sandshrew claws. Add dirt like it came out of the shovel and didn't break up for a cap. Colour him Ground brown


Type: Rock

Species: Rockheavy

Take Tunelleon. Take off his hat and add a miner-hat rock. Change his claws to more like Heatran. Make him bigger. Change his colour to Rock brown. You have Stoneon.


Type: Bug

Species: Spider Cling

Take Espeon. Make him slightly smaller. Change his colour to Bug orange. Give him bee stripes. He has the ability to spin webs and his paws are sticky. You have Insecteon.


Type: Ghost

Species: Shadow Soul

Take Flareon. Change the flame around his neck to about nine of those Ranger 2 ghost flames. Colour him Ghost purple.


Type: Steel

Species: Metal Fur

Take Glaceon. Change the cap to a metal chrome. Swap tails with Umbreon. Change him to all Steel grey. You have Metalleon.


Type: Flying (yes, pure flying)

Species: Wind

Take Toxeon. Change the color to a white. Give him wings like Togekiss'. You have Tornadeon

TCG Upcoming Expansion Naming Ideas

OK, from PT2 onward, I will be thinking of TCG expansion naming ideas.

Platinum Expansion 2

  • Japanese Set name: Bonds to the End of Time
  • Ideal English Set Name: Platinum: Master League
  • Reasoning: BttEoT includes the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, who are pretty much the masters of the league.
  • Actual English Name: Platinum: Rising Rivals

Platinum Expansion 3

  • Japanese Set name: Beat of the Frontier
  • Ideal English name: Platinum: Conquer the Frontier
  • Reasoning: Beat, conquer, same meaning. Hello?
  • Actual English name: Platinum: Supreme Victors

Platinum Expansion 4

  • Japanese Set Name: Advent of Arceus
  • Ideal Engligh Name: Platinum: Ultimate Challenge
  • Reasoning: Arceus is a god, Ultimate, and appears as a challenge in the games to whoever holds the Azure Flute
  • Actual English Name: ???

Calculations of Multi-Forme Pokémon's moves

Arceus & Judgement

Judgement Damage
SameTypeAttackBonus = x1.5
Plate Bonus = x1.2 (x1 if Arceus holds no plate)
Super-effective possibility = x2
Not-very-effective possiblility = x.5
Rain/Sunlight = x1.5/x.5
Maximum Damage Multiplier = Arceus holding plate + super-effective + Rain/Sunlight positive effects = x5.4 multiplier
Minimum Damage Multiplier = Arceus not holding plate + not very effective = x.75 multiplier

Castform & Weather Ball

Weather Ball Damage
SameTypeAttackBonus possibility (not present in sandstorm or Shadow Sky) = x1.5
Plate Bonus Possibility = x1.2
Rain/Sunlight = x1.5
Maximum Damage Multiplier = Castform in Rain/Sunlight holding Splash/Flame Plate, respectively = x2.7
Minimum Damage Multiplier = Castform in Sandstorm = x1