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User:General Ownage

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General Ownage
Age 16
Gender Male
Hometown Agate Village
Region Orre
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer.
133.png This user is a trainer of all types.
303.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Mawile.
135.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Jolteon.

About me

Generaly a friendly and helpful person. If I'm ticked off, stay away, it WILL get ugly. My Trainer name is Usually Jarsix or Ownage, but the more common one is Jarsix. I dont have any type preference but i do prefer certain pokemon over another, for example I will never use a Metagross, but i just can't say no to a good Mawile! I have no trouble getting accustomed to a new problem in an instant if there is a situation i haven't been in before.


Pokémon Name {{{poke1-Speedy}}} {{{poke2-Steve}}} {{{poke3-Chompy}}} {{{poke4-James}}} {{{poke5-Sal}}} {{{poke6-Vladmir}}}
Species [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke1-135}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke2-297}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke3-303}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke4-355}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke5-364}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke6-207}}}.png]]
Nature [[{{{poke1-Brave}}}]] [[{{{poke2-Gentle}}}]] [[{{{poke3-Mild}}}]] [[{{{poke4-Rash}}}]] [[{{{poke5-Adamant}}}]] [[{{{poke6-Quirky}}}]]
Ability [[{{{poke1-Volt Absorb}}} (Ability)|{{{poke1-Volt Absorb}}}]] [[{{{poke2-Thick Fat}}} (Ability)|{{{poke2-Thick Fat}}}]] [[{{{poke3-Itimidate}}} (Ability)|{{{poke3-Itimidate}}}]] [[{{{poke4-Levitate}}} (Ability)|{{{poke4-Levitate}}}]] [[{{{poke5-Thick Fat}}} (Ability)|{{{poke5-Thick Fat}}}]] [[{{{poke6-Sand Veil}}} (Ability)|{{{poke6-Sand Veil}}}]]
Held Item [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]]
Moves - - - - - -
- - - - - -
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EV Training Random Random Random Random Random Random