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034.png This user identifies as male.
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This user can sing.
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464Rhyperior.png This user collects awesome-looking Pokémon

Awesome-looking Pokémon include:

462Magnezone.png This user has a Magnezone
464Rhyperior.png This user has a Rhyperior
295Exploud.png This user has an Exploud
330Flygon.png This user has a Flygon
382Kyogre.png This user has a Kyogre
488Cresselia.png This user has a Cresselia
484Palkia.png This user has a Palkia
292Shedinja.png This user has a Shedinja
323Camerupt.png This user has a Camerupt
306Aggron.png This user has an Aggron
Spr 3e 172.gif This user was helped with collecting these Pokémon by Pichu Lover