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Hello, I am the myth, the legend, GalladeGuy.

My YTs

jasonwang1700 (Private Channel) MinecraftElectrix (Minecraft Channel with friends) pitcherplantmusic (EDM channel) No Pokemon channel yet :(

About me

I am from Canada. Not USA, but Canada.

My favorite move is Psyshock.

Gallade is my favorite Pokemon, and my 2nd favorite is Glaceon.

I really hope they will make Mega Gallade in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Yes, I am that person that doesn't give a sh*t about Status moves.

Ice type is my favorite type, and Candice is my favorite Gym Leader. Is it cold in here?

I love the anime.

I just put this in here because I really like Candice.

My teams in-game