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プテ Pte
Poké Ball
Debuts in Holy Moltres
Caught at Cinnabar Island
Gender Male
Ability Rock Head
Nature Hasty
Current location With Red
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Aero (Japanese: プテ Pte) is one of the Pokémon shown to be obtained by Red in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


When Red first met Giovanni in Make Way for Magmar!, he gave Red an ancient fossil known as the Old Amber, which contained a DNA sample of an ancient, now extinct Pokémon, as a reward for stopping two wild Magmar that were causing a fire at the Pewter Museum of Science. When Red later encountered Blaine at the Cinnabar Island in Holy Moltres, they faced with the legendary bird Moltres, which was under the control of Team Rocket. Even Red's Water Pokémon Gyara was unable to defeat the legendary Fire-type, and Blaine realised that to stand a chance against the Flying-type Pokémon, they needed a Flying-type of their own. When seeing Red's Old Amber, Blaine sent him to the Island's laboratory, where Red was able to revive the Amber into an Aerodactyl. With this new Pokémon on his side, Red was able to make Team Rocket retreat.

Later during the Red, Green & Blue chapter, Red used Aero in his battle against Giovanni, whom he now had found out to be both the Leader of the Viridian Gym and the Boss of Team Rocket. Aero was able to take out Giovanni's Beedrill with Hyper Beam, but was later taken out of the fight by Rhyhorn's Tail Whip.

Rock Head activated

When Red later met up with Blaine again, he joined him in a battle with the legendary Genetic Pokémon Mewtwo. Although Mewtwo seemed practically impossible to stop, Red finally managed to use Aero to glide through Mewtwo's Psywave Tornado in order to get close enough to send Pika in with Blaine's Master Ball, successfully catching Mewtwo.

During the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter, Red used Aero during the Battle Path, where he battled with Blue's Scizor. Later Red sent Aero out in his battle against Deoxys. However, the DNA Pokémon proved to be way too strong for the Fossil Pokémon, as he was first badly slugged by Deoxys's Focus Punch and then had his wings pierced by Attack Forme Deoxys's tentacles. He was soon later nearly killed along with Red's other Pokémon while defending his Trainer from Deoxys's Psycho Boost.

Moves used

Aero Dragon Claw.png
Using Dragon Claw
Move First Used In
Hyper Beam Holy Moltres
Fly Holy Moltres
Supersonic Holy Moltres
Take Down Double Dealing with Deoxys
Dragon Claw Double Dealing with Deoxys
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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