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Some stuff for you to know before going on

Spr DP Collector.png This user has too many usertags.
I may like a lot of Pokémon, but these two electric rodents are my absolute favorites! Pikachu is the cuter one, but Raichu is a combination of cuteness and badass!
But if we're talking about being really badass, there's no on else like Mewtwo, my favorite Legendary! And its Mega Evolutions are even more powerful than the God!!
And Umbreon... Oh, boy! I like all Eeveelutions, but Umbreon truly takes the cake! He is just an absolute destroyer of Psychic Pokémon! Man, I love Dark-types...

Hello! Like my username says, I'm a random Finnish guy born at 1992, loving Pokémon. I'm not specialized in any kind of specific edits, but I enjoy adding the Finnish and Swedish (as it happens to be Finland's second national language) names of different things. I don't usually write new articles, but instead prefer to fill in and fix already existing ones by adding missing information, fixing typos, and so on. I especially enjoy adding missing sections and images to pages about subjects that aren't there yet.

My first memories about Pokémon:

Little pieces of personal Pokémon trivia:

My Pokémon playthroughs

Pokémon teams

To see a full list of my Pokémon teams, click here.

Current playthroughs

  • Pokémon Platinum (After finally being able to make my DS emulator run at a sane speed, I almost instantly decided to make another journey through Sinnoh.)

Idle playthroughs

  • Pokémon X (After I finally went over the edge and bought myself a used Nintendo 3DS XL, I decided that it was high time for me to start playing Generation VI.)
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby (After completing the main story of X, I bought and started playing one of the Hoenn remakes.)
  • Pokémon Gold (Playing this one in very small bits, the emulator's a bit glitchy with this one for some reason.)
  • Pokémon Emerald (After I had cleared the main game and most of the post game, aside from the Battle Frontier, I finally managed to make my DS emulator work properly, so I put my focus back into my DS Pokémon games.)

Completed playthroughs

Planned playthroughs

  • Pokémon Moon (I have the game, but not my 3DS, so I'll have to wait until I can use it again.)

Abandoned walkthroughs

My Pokémon stuff collection

This is the list of Pokémon products I own:







Formerly owned

  • A Pokémon-themed t-shirt
  • A Pokémon-themed cap
  • A Gengar-themed drinking straw

My creations






For a complete list of my image uploads, see here.

My personal to-do list

Pages to create

  • List of Battle Factory rental Pokémon (Generation III)
  • List of Battle Factory rental Pokémon (Generation IV)*
  • List of Clemont's inventions*
  • Ultimate weapon*
  • Virgil's Eevee

Pages to expand

Pages to create under my own userpage

  • A Piece of the World is Missing
  • Pokémon University: A Professor Song
  • The Eevee Song: A Pokemon Jazz Number

Things to fix

  • Correcting the incorrect alphabetical order of interwiki links:
  • Fixing any incorrect facts/inconsistancies I come across.
  • Fixing as many redirect links into non-redirect links as possible.
  • Removing any possible red links.

See also

Articles in my user namespace

My personal stuff

Section of randomness


For any AT4W fans out there

"With SCIENCE, of course!!"
-Dr. Insano
"I am the Voiceless. The Never-Should. The Beautiful Horror. I am Error. I am Glitch. I am all things terrible and wonderful and everything between. I. Am... Missing."
-The Entity/Missing Number/Missingno.
"Beneath the seas, besides the flame,
Off the coast where the Lost Beast came,
To bring the world misery and shame,
A piece of the world is missing.

The path you should have never crossed,
The Beast exacts a heavy cost,
The number of the Beast is lost,
You will know it by its hissing.

The bones from Hell you cannot tame,
Devour your life and all your fame,
That is the price to play its game,
And all while you're reminiscing."

-The Entity's poem
"It's voice is not its own."
-Ninja-Style Dancer's warning