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My Tags!

Spr 4d 385 s.png This user joined Bulbapedia on March 23, 2014.
XY series logo.png This user likes the XY series of the Pokémon anime.
OriginalSeries2.png This user likes the original series of the Pokémon anime.
Ash Wallace Cup.png This user's favorite character is Ash.
Entertainment Kiss.png This user's favorite shipping is AmourShipping.
Ash Misty Hold Hands.png This user's favorite shipping is PokéShipping.
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Hela du saad oui
Gender Female
Eye color Green/Hazel/Blue??
Hair color Light Brown
Hometown Vaniville Town
Region Kalos

Hi! I'm new here. I live in America and am about to enter high school. I'm a fairly new fan, but I'm getting there. I watch the anime, play and collect the trading cards, and play the games. The anime is probably my favorite out of the three. I've played the TCG for the longest, if you count collecting, but I learned how to actually play about half a year ago. I've also made it my goal to try to watch all the anime. My favorite Pokémon would have to be Eevee because its been my favorite since third grade. My favorite Pokémon in the game fighting wise is probably Gallade. Honorable mention would go to Blaziken, because I've always thought it looked really cool.

Right now my focus is on writing up XY series episode synopses as they get subbed,which I've done since XY011, but I'm trying to do other things as well, such as adding to anime-related stubs. Most of my knowledge about Pokémon is about the X and Y games and anime,but I hope to do as much as I can on this website.

Thanks for visiting!

Anime Favorites

My favorite series of the anime is the Original Series. I also like X and Y, but admittedly mostly because I like watching Amourshipping. Best Wishes would be third, and then Advanced Generation and Diamond and Pearl.

Favorite Characters

Ash BW.png

1. Ash

Of course Ash is my favorite character! That's a no-brainer. Ash has always seemed extremely cool to me for whatever reason, even if he is kind of an idiot. But even when he is acting dumb he does it with enthusiasm! He cares a ton for his companions and his Pokémon, and I think he really is a genuinely good person. He and Pikachu are the best. It's fun watching him grow as a trainer (and a person! but not literally, because he's still ten) over the course of the anime. For me, he's the base of the anime. I hope someday he finally becomes a Pokémon Master. Or at LEAST wins the League. :)

2. Brock

I just like Brock's personality. For the anime, its good to have someone that is mature and responsible to guide the other kids when they are acting inexperienced. I also like that he has been there for most of the anime. I hope he finds a permanent girlfriend in the end!

3. Tracey

Tracey is like the nicest person in the anime. He's so sweet. It's too bad he was only with the group for a shorter time compared to some of the other characters. He sometimes is kind of similar to Brock, which is why he is a good replacement for him.

Least Favorite Characters

My least favorite out of all the main characters is May. I just think she has a bad attitude a lot of the time, but not in a funny way, like Misty. I also don't like Max. I know he's May's brother, and I don't have anything against their family, but I didn't like how he first was introduced like and I haven't ever since, even though he did get better after that. As for the "smart" character, I prefer Clemont from XY. I don't hate any one character, but these are the ones that most annoy me.

Favorite Shippings

You can probably see by my tags, but my two favorite shippings are Amourshipping and Pokéshipping. I don't usually ship, so it's pretty rare that I have two favorites for Pokémon, much less one. But I think the Pokémon anime has too many seasons not to at least notice a possible shipping.


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