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Psypoke logo

Psypoke (also sometimes written as PsyPoke) is a Pokémon website that was originally owned, from 1999 to 2000, by Canadian webmaster Abra K. on the domain Psypoke's original incarnation was not very helpful as Pokémon fan sites went - it lacked a Pokédex and detailed information on the video games. It was also infamous for the amount of advertising on it. However, the site had popular activities such as the Psypoke Gym Challenge and its forums were the most popular Pokémon-related message board on the forum during late 1999 and 2000.

Psypoke also held weekly trivia contests in its chat room, which was originally hosted on Eventually, non-Pokémon fans frequented the chat more than actual fans of the franchise, and the members of the Psypoke community moved the chat to, with the site expanding to hold trivia contests every Thursday and Saturday throughout late 2000 and much of 2001. It was also around this time that Psypoke briefly hosted the young, with Serebii becoming a news updater on until he acquired his own web space.

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Legendary Pokémon is a popular Pokémon website in the fandom that tells about the latest Pokémon news and information about the Pokémon games. Its webmaster is Arty2 and the site mascot is Mew. The site is well known for its detailed Pokédex and news articles. The site also sports a variety of chats and forums, similar to that of Bulbagarden. The site is available at Greek(Ελληνικά) and English.

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