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User:Esther Siaw

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"These donuts (should be rice ball) are great!"
Brock, you made my childhood special. XD
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Finally I can edit my own userpage. (_ _)

Anyway, my name is Esther Siaw, you can refer me as Esther. I'm from Malaysia and I found this website since a year ago (if I not mistaken XD). At past I used to be a mad Pokéfan since 6 until 12, I had watched the anime in Chinese, English, and Malay version. But the thing that I remember the most is Brock's rice balls. In Chinese version they literally translated them as "饭团, fàn tuán (rice balls)", but when I re-watched the same episode in different dub, especially in English, Brock said these were donuts (Seriously? Donuts with rices on them? C'mon! X"D).