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I am evil.
Age 11
Gender Male
Eye color  ?
Hair color Black
Hometown TBA
Region United States
Relatives TBA
Trainer class Red

Hi i am a pokemon fan forever even though i am a 11 year old :P i will still never give up on pokemon. I WILL BE A POKEMON FAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! DialgaPrimeX 17:22, 13 September 2009 (UTC)DialgaPrimeX

Pokemon Platinum Team DialgaPrimeX 17:58, 13 September 2009 (UTC)DialgaPrimeX

Update later... DialgaPrimeX 17:58, 13 September 2009 (UTC)DialgaPrimeX

I AM DialgaPrimeX DialgaPrimeX 21:23, 13 September 2009 (UTC)DialgaPrimeX

My favorite non legendary pokemon(s) is/are Spr_4d_258.png, Spr_4h_025_m.png, 172_n.png, Spr_4h_059.png, Spr_4p_350_m.png, Spr_4d_351.png, Spr_4h_248.png, Spr_4h_149.png, Spr_4d_376.png, Spr_4d_373.png, and Spr_4p_445_m.png.

My favorite legendary(s) is/are Spr_4p_483.png (of course), Spr_4d_385.png, Spr_4p_487O.png, Spr_4h_249.png, Spr_4h_250.png, Spr_4h_251.png, Arceus_Formes.gif, Spr_4p_485.png, Spr_4p_492.png, Spr_4p_492S.png, and Primal_Dialga.png.

My favorite Trainer(s) sprite is/are RedHGSS.png (He looks evil lol), LanceHGSS.gif, ClairHGSS.gif, BlueHGSS.gif, KogaHGSS.gif. DialgaPrimeX 00:38, 15 September 2009 (UTC)DialgaPrimeX

HeartGold SoulSilver Logo.png This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.